World Showcase:

Hours: Epcot Future World 9-7 , Epcot World Showcase 11-9

Kidcot at Epcot: The Kidcot stations are little stops in each country. At the first one you stop at, you get to pick a mask. It is a piece of white poster board glued to a stick. In each country, they have something different for you to add to the mask. One country you get little beads. One country you get a bell. In one country you get a pyramid. In one you get a mask (to cover the eyes on the mask), [I] believe. They also stamp your stick with the name of their country and Mickey dressed up to match that country. Can be memorable. Also you can get a "passport" and have it "stamped" at each country.


Mexico Mexico...Hola (OH-lah)

Huitzilin - legends, customs, and traditions hrough colorful song and dance.

Mariache Cobre - traditional folk music of Jalisco and other regions.

Don't miss the boat ride inside at the rear of Mexico.

Norway Norway...god dag (goo-DAHG)
Some lucky boy or girl will be chosen as Viking for the Day.

Blamann - Modern Norwegian folk music.

Spellmans Gledje - Norwegian folk music - 20 minute shows.

Maelstrom (Norway) (FP)

The first building as you enter Norway has a roof covered with real sod. Horticulture workers get up on that roof and trim the grass with clippers since they don't have a goat to keep up there as they do in Scandinavia.

Yes, you can go into the Stave Church at Norway. Behind this is a Viking boat play area for children. Inside the Norway pavilion, you'll notice that the scenery shows buildings are built very close together. This is to represent that Scandinavian climate is such that, with certain wider building spacings, the pressure from snow accumulation would eventually push the walls in.

China China...Ni hao (nee HOW)

Examine the ceiling inside Temple of Heaven at China. The walkways by the gift shops outside are narrow to make things seem more crowded, reflecting the immense population of that country.

Si Xian - Folk music from the Shanghais region, inside the Temple of Heaven.

Dragon Legend Acrobats - young students of the Pu Yang school acrobatic feats.

Outpost - OrisiRisi - African drum show - 20 min shows.

When you get to the Outback area lift the lids on the old time soda coolers. Get ready for a surprise. (The Outback section may be closed for refurbishing)

Germany Germany...gutten Tag (GOOT-en tahkh)Good Day
The Alpine Trio - Marches, Polkas, Waltzes, and traditional folk instruments. Daily in the Biergarten, and in the courtyard in the evening.

Oktoberfest Musikanten - A celebration with singing, dancing, folk instruments, and more. In the courtyard in the afternoon, in the Biergarten in the evening. - Shows are 25 minutes.

miniature train and village.

In Germany, observe the figures that come out of the clock when the clock chimes the hour. Don't miss the model train exhibit out front. If you know the holiday story about the pickle ornament, find the pic Italy at the World Showcase. If you wander around behind the shops (where the fountains are) look around for little red press-buttons that say "press for a surprise" (or something to that effect). If you press the button, water squirts from a different location. (Not there 8/04?)

Italy...buon giornio (boo-on JOR-no)Good Day or ciao (chow)hello or good bye

At the Italy pavilion. The pillars are ringed with a carvings of men each holding a ball out in front of him. On the fifth (or so) pillar in on the left side of the courtyard, around back of the pillar... see if one of the men is holding a bowling ball [ed. note: we saw many of the men carrying what look like bowling balls but we saw no single statue that stood out].

Observe the gondolas (not a ride).

France France...Bonjour (bohn-ZHOOR)

Living statues

The Chefs de France restaurant has a wine bar.

Visit Belle's Library at France, noticed the stained glass window, purchase Beauty & the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame souvenirs and books.

The bridge continuing on past France symbolically crosses the English Channel. See if you can find a bike and an easel as if an artist were coming back to finish a painting of the store across the canal. (Location may change periodically, 8/04 was down on the non-public walkway at water's edge.) This is also the location of the rear entrance (International Gateway) to Epcot.

If you came to United Kingdom from the left (French) side using the path rather than the road, you will see a not-a-Garden or more accurately a Knot-a-garden. It represents the local apothecary. The hedges are grown a foot or so high in the shape of a knot. and each "section" of the garden had a different herb planted in it. The should be particularly wonderful now during the Flower and Garden show.

In this garden is the butterfly box. It has a name but [I ]can't remember it right now either. Disney has plants that butterflies are naturally attracted to. When the butterflies spin their baby cocoons, Horticulture takes the cocoon and places it in this protective box. it has a top and four sides but no bottom. As the butterfly hatches it simply flies out the bottom of the box. As the plants the butterfly is attracted to are right there, they tend to never leave this British Butterfly Garden. (There is supposedly another butterfly box near Test Track in Future World, the directions to find it are vague, face the Test Track pavilion, from which angle was not specified, then turn completely around and walk straight.)

At United Kingdom, you look in front of you and to your right, you will see a line of shops. The first (nearest the main walkway) is a tea shop and its door to the outside is usually locked. Its outside and inside architecture represent UK in the 1600's. Thatched roof, huge hearth inside low ceilings, dark lighting even the style floor.

The next shop represents the 1700's and in-point-of-fact has a sign out front that says est 1702. It has higher ceilings and basic wrought iron lighting fixtures, Ceilings are higher. If you look at it from the outside you can see the cantilever build. That served two purposes. the first was a legal form of tax evasion. Subject were taxed on the sqare footage of the downstairs. Second and even more visual was what they threw out the upstairs windows into what could be considered a drainage ditch that ran down the center of the street. Just another reason gentlemen walked nearer the road and wore large brimmed hats whlie ladies walked very near the buildings.

The next building is 1800's neo-classical. See the window styles and even how ornate the window coverings and lighting are? Look up at the ceiling and how it is painted.

As you exit that shop look to your right. There is a whole other building over there and it is in the same 1800's time frame to stay in sync. Look at the rooftops. See the Mary Poppins style chimneys.

You should now be looking out over the garden area ( intended to represent Hyde Park). If you look to your left you will see a typical shrubbery maze. Except it is of short hedges so children don't get lost.

Go around back near the gazebo where British Invasion plays (used to play?) and you can see Mary Poppins with a lamp sticking out of the back of her carry bag (replaced with holiday decorations @ 12/05?).

Twining's Tea Shop modeled after William Shakespeare's home

Japan...ohayo gozaimasu pronounced oh-hah-yoh goh-zah-ee-mahs

Konnichiwa (kohn-nee-chee-wah) "Good Afternoon!"
Konbanwa (kohn-bahn-wah) "Good Evening!"
Oyasuminasai (oh-yah-soo-mee-nah-sah-ee) "Good night!"

Find the bamboo water fountain that makes a clacking noise at Japan. (water was turned off as of Aug. '04)

The stone lantern in Japan was originally a gift from one of the country's leaders (can't remember specifically - anyone?) to Roy Disney (the younger I believe). It used to be in his backyard until eventually it ended up in Epcot. I might have this a little mixed up though - if someone has specifics and could remind us all, that would be cool.

The Japanese pagoda in Epcot has 5 stories and each symbolizes something, They are in ascending order, which represent the elements from which Buddhists believe all things in the universe are created: earth, water, fire, wind and sky.

How about Miyuki - the candy-maker in Japan? Not really a "secret" per se, but an amazing and often overlooked (and FREE) "performance" by the only female in Japan who was taught this amazing art form

America The American Adventure building uses inverse forced perspective to look smaller than it is from close up. It is five stories tall to look reasonably sized from across the lagoon, but the windows and doors are sized to give it a three story appearance.

The pictures on the walls inside American Adventure were all painted by various Disney artists. One picture in particular is an optical illusion. The picture hangs in the corner to the left as you first enter the rotunda. It is a picture of a B-17 bomber from back in World War II. In front of the picture is a grey strip of tiles on the floor. If you stand on the gray tiles and walk back and forth, the plane seems to swivel to follow you.

Morocco... Salam alekoum (sah-LAHM wah-LAY-koom)
Find the gold prayer room at Morocco (Aug. '04 asked around and couldn't, it might have been converted into something else?). Also children can sometimes meet Aladdin in or near the back room. Morocco offers a guided tour as well. There is a letter signed by George Washington displayed in the restaurant.

The aqueduct across from Morocco has many kinds of plantings.

During Illuminations the Morocco temple is not lit up. Some say this is to respect their religious beliefs, others say it is a limitation of the electrical system.

They say that in a few places near Morocco you can see (in the distance) the Magic Kingdom fireworks. This was a few years ago, the trees not quite so far in the distance may have since grown and obscured this view.

You might notice that each wall mosaic has at least one cracked/flawed tile in it. These mosaics were created by Moroccan artisans in a unique arrangement with their government and Disney. The Moroccan people worship Allah, and believe that only Allah can create something that is "perfect," so every mosaic was purposely flawed!


If you entered United Kingdom from the Canadian side the first thing you come up to is the Rose and Crown on your left. When the imagineers visited the UK they determined there were three types of pubs (Public Houses).

So all three styles are reflected in the outside architecture of Rose and Crown. One facade is the one you can see from the water side. or Canada side, one facade is the entrance into the pub itself and the third is for the fish and chips windowl The name Rose and Crown was chosen because after their study of the four countries it was determined that the word "Rose" and the word "Crown" were the two most popular words contained in the naming of pubs.

Did anyone know that there was a walking trail in Canada, with an old abandoned mine and waterfalls?

Did you know that the leftmost of the three totem poles in Canada is a real 700 pound cedar totem pole? This 30-footer, placed in April, 1998, was carved by a renowned Tsimshian Indian carver, David Boxley. It represents 3 stories of Raven, a traditional story amongst Northwest Coastal Indians. The top of the pole depicts the story of Raven tricking the Chief of the Skies to release the sun, moon & stars from a carved cedar chest (box).

One building in Canada is three stories high but the windows are sized to make it look to be five stories high.

The plants at Canada are changed to match Canada's seasons -- white in winter, gold and red in autumn etc. They can't correspond to Buchart Gardens, because the weather in Disney is different than on Vancouver Island. However, the flower gardens there do represent Buchart Gardens.