Holiday breaks are a big time for kids to knowledge new effects, grow in new orders, and have fun with the family. With jump break and summer vacation just around the corner, have you ever wondered how you could make this your child's best vacation yet? Read the seven tips under to turn a good break into a great one!

Tip 1: Make a Road Map Together
Find out from your child what their ideal summer would look like. Their immediate response might be something like play video games all day or go to pool, but stay open to their ideas. Including them in this process is important. Hear them out and ask questions that encourage dreaming big. After listening, figure out how to create a plan that works for both of you. For example, maybe the all day of video games isn't acceptable to you, but you both agree that finding a part-time job and also having time to play games works. Get creative with this and have fun thinking of new things to do together.

Tip 2: Talk About Summer Expectations
Since schedules are often less structured during summer, it's important for both you and your child to get clear about household expectations for summer. Think about it from different perspectives from what is expected around bed time, friends, school work, activities, household chores, etc... Decide what is most important to you but also try to collaborate some with your son or daughter so they feel part of the process. For example, is there a certain bed time or curfew? Maybe there is some leeway on weekends or holidays? Are there certain rules about having friends in the house? Are there new chores for the summer? Finally, have a discussion about why certain rules are important to you and how they help make things easier or safer on everyone.

Tip 3: Monitor Internet Activities.
Internet security and teens have received a lot of media attention lately and so many parents still feel their child is immune to any foul play. But, problems surrounding the internet can happen to anyone. Be alert to what your child is doing online. A great way to do this is to google your child's name to see what you find. You can also set up a google alert that will tell you when your child's name appears on line. To find out more about this important topic, there are many organizations online that discuss specific internet safety tips for parents