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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss I really need some advice for my next trip *LONG* in the Vacation Planning forums; OK, bear with me. I need some honest opinions and trip planning advice. My DH and I are the very proud parents of a 3 year old girl and expecting ...
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    I really need some advice for my next trip *LONG*

    OK, bear with me. I need some honest opinions and trip planning advice.

    My DH and I are the very proud parents of a 3 year old girl and expecting our second child in mid-December. I really, really want to take my daughter to WDW before Baby #2 comes along, so we were thinking about early October. With some budget issues, I don't think we'll be able to do a whole week, so maybe go for 3 nights and try to travel as early on Day #1 and late on Day #4 as possible.

    My daughter will be 3.5 in October, and she's been on 2 Disney cruises, but I wouldn't classify her as adventurous or outgoing. She's a little shy and tends to get overwhelmed fairly easily. My mom - who has way too many opinions on things - thinks she's too young for us to spend the money to travel from Washington DC to Orlando for this trip and that we should wait at least a year to take her.

    I was thinking we would probably do 1 day at the MK, either a 1/2 or full day at DHS (is that the right initialing for it?!?) and then some time at AK. We'll probably skip Epcot due to lack of time and not so much interest for my 3 year old, even though it's one of my favorite places on earth!

    Does this sound realistic for 2 parents and a 3.5 year old? Do you think she's too young and won't get enough out of it?

    OK, that was part 1, thank you if you're still with me!!

    So, let's say we do decide to do this. I would LOVE to take her to MNSSHP one night, my DD is definitely a night owl. Do you think it would be smarter to take her on the same day that we do the MK or a different day? I'm not exactly sure what our options will be, so I'll have to take a look. But my DD is obsessed with princesses and dressing up, so I think she'll really love it.

    OK, phew! Those are all of my questions. I would LOVE to hear all and every piece of advice/opinions you can offer to me as far as planning a 4 day trip, probably Thursday-Sunday.

    THANK YOU!!!
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    JMHO - I vote for wait a year. Three nights gives you only two full days and maybe a partial day to tour the parks. Throw a MNSSHP in the mix and you guys are going to be crazy rushed. Add in the fact that you will be about six months pregnant, and you have the makings of a very stressful experience.

    By waiting a year, would you be able to take a longer trip? Spread out your touring, mix in a little R & R and you should have a wonderful time.

    Again, just my opinion.

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    Only you know your DD well enuf to say whether she can handle the trip or not. And like Gal said you dont want to be exhausted preggo wise.

    If you want to go and take her, by all means, do it and have lots of fun. But dont rush yourself. I would personally skip the Halloween Party if you are short on time and if she is easily overwhelmed. If she likes to dress up, let her for part of your MK day(kids are allowed), but please dont wear those horrid plastic shoes on her. (sorry pet peeve of mine, love seeing the little princesses, but common sense with the shoes..poor babies)

    Dont rule out the AK for pre-schoolers. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the animals. If you have park hoppers, you can do AK in the morning and afternoon and the Studios (yes you abbrev. right btw) in the evening.

    Make sure as soon as you book (before would be better), you check the hours of the parks and plan accordingly. You dont want to waste part of a day if there is a party at MK that nite. Do the MK on a day that there is no party so you get a few more hours to have fun and dont have to rush as much.

    MOST IMPORTANT....DONT TRY TO DO IT ALL! It will be there later. If you are set on going now for a short trip, go and have a blast. I took my DD when she was 2.5, 4.5, 5, and going back this Sept at 5.5. And we drive from central PA down. I love the look of wonder on their faces at those ages of still believing. Even if she doesnt remember, you will. Going on a short vacation will give you a chance to get a taste of it, so when you go back another time (it's an addiction, you will be you have a better idea of what to expect.

    If you are short budget wise, have you considered going in September instead.? There is a free dining promotion going on (HURRY THO< LAST DAY TO BOOK IS JUNE 22) you have to stay at least 3 nights and get at least one day worth of tickets for each member of your party. Which you were planning on doing anyway. This way you can eat for free for the time you are there. It really helps moneywise. There are a few threads on here that cover the basics of it and Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World has some great info on it too.
    Call 407-WDISNEY to book it.
    Good Luck and have fun if you do go.

    BTW...I think your mom and mine are related with the opinion bit. LOL
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    With you being that far along in your pregnancy you can only ride certain rides and I'm assuming if you are anything like I was whenever I was pregnant you will tire easily. So here is my opinion, I don't see there being much for you to do in MGM/Hollywood whatever it's call Studios so I would cut that out altogether. Of course I just remembered about the new Toy Story ride but I think I would still skip it till next time. I would focus on Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. You and your 3 1/2 year old will need some down time so I would plan on going to Magic Kingdom in morning then going back to resort to rest or to the pool, are you staying on property? Then you can return to the MK at night if you want to or at that point go to the MNSSHP, although keep in mind that if you are on a budget that the ticket prices went up. On Premium nights the tickets can cost you almost $60.00 per adult and not much cheaper for a child. Here is a site to help you with pricing.......Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - Magic Kingdom You could either do a 2nd day at MK or go to DTD (legoland, World of Disney etc.) or just go mini-golfing or pony rides or petting zoo at Fort Wilderness. Animal KIngdom may take longer then you think, so plan on morning and afternoon there, make sure you see the Nemo musical there, you will alll love that and Flights of Wonder is a really good bird show. I think your daughter will get alot out of the trip but keep it simple and pace yourselves and don't overwhelm her and she should do fine. Whatever you don't see now you can go back in a few years and see it.
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    my family did exactly what you are planning on doing! me, my brother, mother, father, uncle, aunt, baby cousin (about 2.5 at the time), other aunt, and cousin went for an early October trip in 2002 when it was the 100 years of magic! we went for 4 days and 4 nights we left via airplane after school in the afternoon and arrived late at night and on the last day we left for home late in the evening! my cousin could not have been more thrilled! she loved it! there was a big age difference between all of us with me being 13 at the time and her 2 but there was enough of us to do our own seperate things if we needed to we only went to all the parks because the wine festival was going on but we only did that portion for half of the day... my little cousin could obviously not go on many rides but she enjoyed the characters stage shows and fantasyland of course... we also went to MNSSHP and it went over well on the day we did that we went back to the hotel to rest a bit and change into costumes and my little cousin enjoyed trick or treating while dressed up as minnie mouse the best part was it wasnt crowded at all we hardly ever had to use a fast pass mostly because there is a larger crowd on halloween itself i think you will really enjoy it and have a good experience because of the little wiats you can also slow down and take your time and focus on more things she will enjoy even if that does mean riding IASM a million times in a row!
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