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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss pop warner cheerleading?? in the Vacation Planning forums; we are going to disney world from december 10 to the 18 that is usually not a very busy time,but for most of the time we are there the pop ...
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    pop warner cheerleading??

    we are going to disney world from december 10 to the 18 that is usually not a very busy time,but for most of the time we are there the pop warner cheerleading competitions will be going on. i was wondering if anyone has been there during this, because im wondering if its very busy when this is going on. i also just found out that mousefest is going on while were down there, does anyone know how that effects the crowds?
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    We've have been there at that time before, but not with the Pop Warner cheerleaders. Friends of ours were there last December during that time and unfortunately didn't know before they booked and ended up at one of the All Star Resorts where they were all staying and they were miserable! They said that good portion of the kids were out of control and obnoxious and a lot of the other resort guests were fed up. Some of the kids and their families actually got asked to leave the resort by Disney.

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    Your vacation also overlaps with MouseFest, which has overlapped with the cheerleaders/football in the past. The parks aren't too bad, but you do run into groups of them here and there. In the parks they tend to be in smaller groups but are relatively unsupervised. The resorts, especially the values, are more crowded with them, and you do get the associated noise (such as random cheer routines in the courtyards.)
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    The buses to the value resorts will also have screaming cheerleaders on them too. I would suggest staying some where other than a value resort. The competitions go on mostly during the day so days won't be bad. But you may see an increase at night. From what I heard, as teams are eliminated they go home. So by the end there shouldn't be as many around.

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    I agree with lorilovestigger, we were there just at the end of Pop Warner last year and there wasn't very many teams. I would count maybe 4 or 5 teams at the ASMusic. There was also a couple of music groups who were playing at the Christmas presentation in EPCOT. I didn't find that they were that obnoxious except in the pool, but their coaches and resort staff were pretty quick to get them to stop fooling around.

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