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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Super Soap Weekend Crowds in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi Everyone, We'll be down in the World November 13-17. We were planning on going to the Studios on Saturday, which would put us in the middle of Super Soap ...
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    Question Super Soap Weekend Crowds

    Hi Everyone,

    We'll be down in the World November 13-17. We were planning on going to the Studios on Saturday, which would put us in the middle of Super Soap Weekend. Neither my wife or I watch Soaps, so we won't be partaking in any of the specific events having to do with Super Soap, but we were wondering how the crowds are otherwise.

    The only info that I can find states that the park is very crowded, but almost everyone is attending the Super Soap events, so the attraction wait times are not longer and may even be shorter than usual. However, this info was a little dated.

    I wanted to see if anyone has been in the last two years and can report back on the crowds during Super Soap.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Saturday is the most crowded day. The park usually fills to capacity. You might want to go on Sunday instead or even better yet, Friday.

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    We have never been during this week so we are trying to avoid the MGM or DHS... for the weekend of the events. We are arriving down there the 14th of November. We will be going to MK in hopes of lighter crowds and since that's the park where I want to celebrate my b-day. I hope you have a wonderful time!!
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    If you don't like Soaps, avoid SSW with all your might. There are a LOT of screaming soap fans, and if you don't like soaps, the crowds are just going to irritate you. It's busy. And it depends on crowds for rides on when and how many celebs they have, and who they are. Some years, if the line-up is decent, there are a little less lines, but if the line-up isn't, the attractions will still be crowded. Also just walking around the park is going to be a little more crowded. I would go to the Disney Hollywood Studios on Friday if at all possible, as it will be the less busy day. Just rework your schedule, so your not there on Saturday.
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    OMG I went down to MGM during SSW in 2003 and it was a nightmare. The park was filled to capacity, and the only thing we had to eat all day was a stale pretzel. Every attraction line was at least a 3 hour wait (Even One Man's Dream was filled). I don't watch soap operas, but some of the fans were a little fanatical (OMG She wears the same earrings she wears on TV!!!!) So my advice is to stay clear of MGM on those days.
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