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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Free Dining in the Vacation Planning forums; Hey everyone! I am in the process of booking a trip for the first week in October right now (I know, a month away = craziness). I remember that free ...
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    Free Dining

    Hey everyone! I am in the process of booking a trip for the first week in October right now (I know, a month away = craziness). I remember that free dining was available for the fall, but I was just curious exactly the dates it is available. I will be going with my father who adores the table service restaurants while I just eat whatever. I realize booking ADR's a month a head of time is craziness to begin with, but especially with people using the free dining, it will be absolutely impossible to get any table service restaurants. If anybody can help - I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

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    If you are planning October 2008 I am sorry but the deadline for booking free dining for this year ended in June. Keep an eye out next spring to see if they are going to do it again. Regardless have a great trip if you are going this year.
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    The schedule for people from the UK came out today, it's a bigger date range than we get...
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    Not too crazy. We booked a trip for 5 days two weeks out and still got some but not all of our desired ADR's
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    My DS is in college also. Through his elementary school years we would go in October for a couple of weeks, then October, minus the Golf week was a slow season.

    They use to give us free breakfast each day. It could be counter, sit down or Character Breakfast. We ate at a different hotel each day. It was wonderful. There were so many perks then, free golf voucher for DH, mini golf, free bike rentals (we stayed at PO & Dixie so it was fun) and free paddle boat too. Not so fun. Hot with life jackets and a lot of work. One year they also gave us free caps with 3 or 4 pins attached. One year we were also given each $l00 in Disney Dollars. Miss those Octobers, but great memories with our kids.

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