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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss How to visit all four parks in two days in the Vacation Planning forums; I just got back from WDW and we had limited time there, so we decdied to do all four parks in two days with the parkhopper. It worked out really ...
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    How to visit all four parks in two days

    I just got back from WDW and we had limited time there, so we decdied to do all four parks in two days with the parkhopper. It worked out really well and if anyone is considering doing it, here is a ride by ride plan to do it.

    Day 1: Magic Kingdom, and EPCOT
    Walking ability (on a scale of 1-10) 5
    major rides missed: Jungle Cruise, Tomorrowland Indy Speedway
    1. Enter the park at opening
    2. Enter Tomorrowland
    3. Ride Space Mountain
    4. Ride Buzz Lightyear
    5. Leave Tomorrowland and enter Fantasyland (walk towards the indy speedway, and there is a back entrance that works better than the castle entrance)
    6. Ride Whinne the Pooh
    7. Ride Peter Pan
    8. See Mickey's Philhar Magic
    9. Ride It's a Small World
    10 Enter Liberty Square
    11. Ride Haunted Mansion
    12. Enter Frontierland
    13. Ride Splash Mountain (don't be fooled by the line, if it is winding outside, the line is probably 20-30 minutes tops)
    14. Fastpass Big Thunder Mountain
    15. Enter Adventureland
    16. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean
    17. If you have time before your fastpass is available, see the Swiss Family Treehouse (or Jungle Cruise if the line is short)
    18. Ride Big Thunder
    19. Backtrack to Tomorrowland
    20. Ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority
    21. See Stich's Great Escape
    22. See Monster's Inc Laugh Floor
    23. Go on the express monorail
    24. Get off at the ticket transport center
    25. Go on the EPCOT monorail
    26. Enter EPCOT
    27. Go to your favorite pavillion and eat lunch (I suggest Mexcio or the UK because they are on the edge of World Showcase)
    28. Ride Journey into Imagination
    29. Ride Soarin' (the fastpass return probably isn't great, but there are games on the big screens that are fun and the ride can't be missed)
    30. Fastpass Test Track
    31. Ride Spaceship Earth
    32. Ride Mission: Space
    33. Ride Test Track
    34. See The Seas with Nemo
    35. Walk around Worldshowcase

    Day 2: Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
    Walking Ability: 7-8
    Major rides missed: It's Tough to be a Bug, Toy Story Mania, and if you want to see multiple shows at the studios, you can probably only squeeze one in)
    1. Enter Animal Kingdom
    2. Go to Everest and Fastpass (don't even bother with standby)
    3. Walk across the park to Africa
    4. Ride Kiliminjaro Safaris, regardless of the wait
    5. Backtrack to Everest and ride it
    6. Ride Dinosaur
    7. Fastpass Kali River Rapids
    8. Eat lunch at Restaurant-o-Saurus
    9. Ride Kali River Rapids
    10. Exit the park
    11. Check the Studios bus stop
    12. Ride that bus over to the studios
    ***Hollywood Studios***
    13. Very complicated step. Have one person in your group do the following: Compare the fastpass return times and standby lines for Rockn Rollercoaster and tower of terror. Fastpass the one with the longer standby unless the fastpass time is going to cut into the time you need to be at Fantasmic. If that's the case, fastpass the other one (while we were there, Rockn had a return time of 6:40, while tower had a return of 3:30)
    14. Return to your fastpass when its readu
    15. Ride the great movie ride
    16. See your favorite show at the studios (if it isn't show time yet, continue on with the next step)
    17. If possible, fastpass star tours, if not just standby it (don't wait extremly long for it)
    18. See Muppet Vision 3-D
    19. Ride either Tower or Rockn whatever you didnt ride before
    20. Get seats for Fantasmic
    21. After Fantasmic, eat dinner (switch around this with step 20 if needed)

    If you have any questions about my plan, feel free to post them or PM me.
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    Holy Moly Man xD Thats one heck of a schedule. XD Looks like you've got that down to a science. I'd never be able to do Disney in two day because eventually I'd end up getting distracted by something and absolutely have to do it.

    That's really great though and if I ever have to do Disney in 2 days I'll look back to this for advice
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    On our last trip in Feb we did the two day set.....Here is how we did it

    Day 1


    Tower of Terror
    Rock and Rollercoaster
    The Backlot Tour
    Muppets 3-D
    Star Tours
    Voyage of The Little Mermaid
    The Great Movie Ride

    Didn't do Lights Motors Action due to rain and Toy Story was not open at the time

    Spaceship Earth
    Journey Into Imagination w/Figment
    The Seas with Nemo and Friends
    Mission Space
    Test Track
    Grand Fiesta Tour
    American Adventure
    Illuminations Reflections of Earth

    Day 2
    Animal Kingdom
    Kali River Rapids
    Kilimanjaro Safaris
    finding nemo
    spent a while in the Fossil Fun Games

    Magic Kingdom
    Swiss Family Treehouse
    Pirates of Caribbean
    Big Thunder Mountain
    Buzz Lightyear
    Wishes Fireworks
    Tommorowland Indy Speedway
    Winnie the Pooh
    Snow Whites Scary Adventure
    Mickeys Philharmagic
    Haunted Mansion

    Also did a 1 and a half day 4 park day for super soap last year........ Would like to chat more with people who like to take this quick trips and exchange tips

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    That is definitely moving!I know that sometimes,we just don't have enough days,time,money,or whatever to do Disney right,and yall sure have got it figured out for your family.I'm glad it works for yall.But as for me and mine,we do one park at a time and stay there the entire day.We've done the hoppers before,without the kids and with the kids,and we found that we like doing one park at a time.So what we do,is purchase one day/one park tix,for as many days as we plan to go to the parks.Some trips we don't do all four parks,some trips we do.On those trips where we don't,we go to Cocoa Beach for a day,maybe Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.
    Anyway,that's an awesome way to do all four in 2 days.
    Park Hopper Dad!

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