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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss laundry areas??? in the Vacation Planning forums; Does anyone know if there is a laundry area at the movie magic resort??? we are driving from md for a 8 day trip and i know there is no ...
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    Red face laundry areas???

    Does anyone know if there is a laundry area at the movie magic resort??? we are driving from md for a 8 day trip and i know there is no way that i will pack enough clothes for the lil one.

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    Do you mean All Star Movies? If so, according to the resort website, they do. We stayed at ASM for 7 days last Feb. but didn't have occasion to use the laundry so I'm not exactly sure where they're located in the resort. Your best bet is too probably call the resort directly.

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    Assuming you are talking about All Star movies there is a great fact sheet on

    All Star Movies Fact Sheet

    scroll down to

    What other facilities/amenities are available?
    and it lists it as
    'laundry facilities (near Fantasia Pool)'
    there is heaps of other useful info there too
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    Every resort we've stayed at in Disney the laundry has been by a pool.
    We took a mid day break from parks, swim and do the laundry at the same time. On our last night when the kids were sleeping, we got drinks to go from the bar, did our laundry again while packing our suitcases in our room. Bonus clean clothes when we were back home. Suggest you bring laundry soap and softener with you, it is very pricey in laundry room. I stash quarters in a zip lock bag before we leave for vacation. (It is psychologically better than feeding dollars into the change machine). Note: washers are very, very small. Dryers, split up washing machine load between 2 dryers and you'll get out of there quicker.

    Also, if you don't wish to swim, the playgrounds are generally near a laundry room as was the cocktail bar.

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    There's a laudry area at Pop Century in the Hippy Dippy Pool area (the main pool) so I'd assume that there's probably a laundry area at ASM near the pool too (considering the Pop and ASM are pretty much set up the same).
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    ASM has a laundry facility right next to the pool, right by the kidie pool. As you come out the back of the main building, it is on the left. (guess who had laundry duty while at the world.....)
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    We wash our clothes around mid-trip.That way,we can wear something again if we choose.As all have said,the laundrys are by the pool areas.We use the one by the computer pool in 80's and 90's section at POP.Yes bring your own detergents.Have alot of quarters for the machines and driers.You WILL have to dry your clothes in smaller ammounts and use two driers if it's not busy.Big loads in one drier will not dry in one cycle.
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