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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss mickey ears in the Vacation Planning forums; Is it cheaper to get mickey ears at the park or online??? ps we leave in 14 days...
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    mickey ears

    Is it cheaper to get mickey ears at the park or online???

    ps we leave in 14 days

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    I doubt that there is any difference in price. (Sorry I don't have an exact figure for you because I was in the store about 2 hours ago.) I would think that you'd have more fun picking them out and having them embroidered if you bought them after arriving. Plus, you wouldn't have to pay for shipping or packing them in your suitcase for traveling in both directions.
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    I could be wrong, but I'd say they would be cheaper at the park. There was an old POTC pin that I wanted but waited so long to get that I stopped being able to find it in the parks. I ended up getting it from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and All of Disney and ended up paying almost double for it versus what I could have gotten it for in the parks once shipping and all was figured in. Of course, no more than a few months after I got the pin, I started seeing it in the parks again.
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    Cheaper in the park for sure!
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    I was just going to say- cheaper in the park!
    And plus it is so much fun to have your name embroidered while you wait.
    The experience of going into that little shop and picking out your ears when you first get there is completely worth it.

    Then don't forget to go a few shops down to get your photo taken in Lou's spot!
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    Avoid the shipping and handling and add the fun of getting them in the park. One of my earliest Disney memories was getting my name embroidered on my first set of ears, don't miss out on that.
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    tip regarding Mickey Ears

    A tip for those with kids -

    my daughters, upon entering the Magic Kingdom, picked out to of the loudest, brightest pairs of pink Mickey Ears that I have ever seen. Being a bit of a traditionalist, I cringed, but being a father, I relented.

    It turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip, because, even in a crowded park, I could almost immediately pick them out in a throng of people. No one else had that color! And, as a father who was desperately afraid of losing my kids (the crowds were huge, and if they had gotten jostled into a crowd I might not have been able to see them even a few feet away), it kept my blood pressure at a reasonable level!

    good luck


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    Depending on the ears will depend on the price. The standard Mousketeer Mickey Ears are $9.95 and the ones that light up I believe are $15.95. There are a variety, and I don't even have a pair! It depends on how fancy you go for, but either way, much cheaper to buy in the parks.

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    I agree with all the above statements. It is cheaper to purchase them at Disney and alot more fun and more chances for "making memories". ( I still remember that song!)
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    i love my mickey ears i even got my name embroidered at a store in DHS so they would be larger
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