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Poll: How Long Are Your WDW Vacations

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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss How long are your WDW Vacations? in the Vacation Planning forums; I said 7 days that is the usual...6 or 7 days But it is always not long enough...
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    I said 7 days that is the usual...6 or 7 days
    But it is always not long enough

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    we usually try for 10-12 days- travel time and all

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    It's never long enough should be my real answer
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennifer4321
    It's never long enough should be my real answer
    I love your answer.

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    I've recently discovered the long weekend trip. Combine weekend with only 2 days off from work and manage to get in 3 park days per trip, with 3-4 trips per year.

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    I really try to go for any length of time. I just love going. The longest I have been was 10 days and it was by far the best trip ever. A lil off topic but does anyone else get that sick feeling in your stomach when your last day arrives. Just wanted to make sure I am not suffering from some kind of illness.
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    oh you are def not the only one who feels that way when you know you have to leave disney! my mom would get "depressed" for days when we got home...and my brother and i would always try to get my parents to stay longer but it never worked....but my dad always said to think of it this way, "when you leave someone else gets to stay in your hotel room and they get to enjoy disney just as much as you did, besides we'll be back soon enough."
    so i would have to say my vote is not long enough too. our trip lenghts depend on who has work and how many days can we not work and things like that.

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    My "vacation" lasts anywhere from 7-10 days, but recently, I've been doing the long weekend trips. Hey, like everyone else has said, any time at disney is better than no time at disney and no matter how long I stay, it never seems like enough.
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    Two weeks or so.
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    I usually like to go for at least 7 days, but have gone for shorter lengths of time when we've had to. I'll take whatever time at WDW I can get! I would go for a single day if it were available!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzney4lyf
    We stay on average 10-14 days.. Last year my bf and I went in June for 12 days but then took a smaller trip back for 5 days days to meet up w/ 17 of my family members... what a trip that was!!!

    That's like a whole CoP theater!!! LOL!

    for me I go in two day trips, normally splitting a 4-day pass in half and using it when I feel, but if I ever wanna meet some of the group ( ), I'm gonna need an annual pass. Usually in two days I can see and do all of my agenda considering us Floridians know the parks like the back of our hands.. though I'm not familiar with AK, all I've seen was Bugs Life. Given that, I'd probably need a half a day more.

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    Well... I'd always thought that both of our family vacations to WDW were two weeks... but turns out that only the second one was. I guess the first one just seemed longer as time went on... I was young (fourth grade) and my sisters and I got tired faster so I guess that could have something to do with it.

    of course... when i win the lottery, all my WDW vacations WILL be two weeks long.
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    We like to go for 2 weeks. We need to make the journey from England worth the while!!

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    I usually stay 4 or 5 days. This year I am going to increase it to 7 and it will be my longest WDW vacation.
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    I have been for as short as a one day trip when in the area, and as long as 9 nites on property. The 9 nites was prior to AK and West Side opening, but still did not do everything! This was when Discovery Island was still open, and never did make it there either. Just never enough time when at Disney.


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