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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Dinner and Cirque in the Vacation Planning forums; I'm planning a trip to Disney World for myself and my girlfriend at the end of March. It's our anniversary and I'm going to surprise her with a pair of ...
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    Unhappy Dinner and Cirque

    I'm planning a trip to Disney World for myself and my girlfriend at the end of March. It's our anniversary and I'm going to surprise her with a pair of tickets to La Nouba (the 9:00PM showing). We're Florida residents and go fairly often so the trip is only for three days (Sat-Mon). I have already booked our ADRs, but I think they need some re-shuffling to better fit around the trip.

    My girlfriend is a vegetarian so I am trying to book ADRs for restaurants that will give her lots of options for meals (as opposed to one or two veggie-friendly items).

    Right now I have us booked for a 7:15PM table at Boma for the night we are going to see Cirque. It was the earliest table I could get that wasn't at 5:30 (which is just way too early). I'm concerned that we won't have enough time to eat at Boma and get all the way across property for La Nouba at 9:00. I should note that we'll have our own car.

    Is 9:00 the curtain time for La Nouba or just when the doors open? I'm under the impression that it is the curtain time, in which case I really don't think we have enough time to have a nice dinner. If it's the door time I think we'll be fine.

    Here's our current dining schedule. We're only doing 2 table service meals, but we're also meeting some friends while down there and going out to dinner with them in Orlando.

    Saturday (EPCOT day): Counter service lunch at EPCOT. Dinner at Boma at 7:15PM
    Sunday(DHS day): Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe at 1:00PM, Dinner with friends off-property.
    Monday (MK day): Counter service lunch at MK, dinner probably on the road home to Gainesville (2 hrs north of WDW).

    The Sunday night dinner is locked in place, so I'm trying to figure out what to do as it seems I've gotten myself in quite the pickle. I'm going to try to re-schedule the dinner at Boma for an earlier time (between 6:30 - 7:00), but I'm also trying to come up with a few alternatives. Do tables often open up or do most ADRs hold fast and not cancel?

    I'm going to try and book Tutto Italia as a backup for Saturday dinner, but I really don't want to skip Boma as I've never eaten then and it is supposedly very vegetarian-friendly which is great for my girlfriend. I'm trying to come up with an alternate schedule that better fits things. This is what I'm thinking right now.

    Saturday (DHS day): Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe at 1:00. Counter/Quick service dinner either DHS or Downtown Disney before La Nouba at 9:00.
    Sunday (EPCOT day): Counter service lunch in the park, dinner with friends off-property.
    Monday (MK day): Counter service lunch at Columbia Harbour House, dinner at Boma before we drive home.

    While this schedule works better, I don't like the idea of getting a quick dinner before a romantic night at La Nouba. Perhaps I coudl switch the 50's Prime Time to dinner, but that place isn't exactly fancy.

    *Sigh*. Any ideas or comments are greately appreciated.
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    It has been a few years since I have been to La Nouba, but the 9 is the curtain time. I have never eaten at Boma, but would tend to think you may be pushing it to get to Downtown Disney and in to Cirque in time. Have you considered any of the options at Downtown Disney? I have enjoyed Bongo's and Fulton's every time I have eaten at either one of those. There are also a number of Restaurants in the Boardwalk cluster of resorts that would be closer. Good luck and Have fun!
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    Definitely keep trying to move your Boma reservation earlier. It is a buffet, so you can somewhat control the pace, but to enjoy yourself you'll want to leave enough time to get from AKL to DTD, find parking, get to the theater, and not be out of breath when the curtain goes up.

    People do cancel ADR's, so something may become available. You can also try arriving earlier than your ADR time and see if they*can get you in earlier.
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    You are going to LOVE Cirque!!

    I would actually shoot to be there a good 15 to 20 minutes before curtain time @ 9p. that way you can pick up a program & be in your seats. There is actually a little 5 minute pre-show that is very cute.

    Also, at the beginning of the show you won't be allowed to enter the theatre so you may miss a few minutes at the beginning if you do cut it too close.

    We've eaten at Fulton's & Ragalan Road & would highly recommend both. I'd avoid Wolfgang Pucks - we've been very disappointed there.

    Is your wife full on vegetarian (absolutely no meat)? Or does she eat fish (I know different people include different things in a 'vegetarian' diet)? If she does eat fish then definately Fulton's but still give yourself a good 1/2 hour to walk over to the Cirque tent (Downtown Disney is bigger than you think!). Ragalan Road is closer, but may have a more limited menu.

    Another option may be to check the menus ahead. Many of the nicer restaurants have chefs who may be willing to work w/you? So maybe a dish could be modified slightly to make it vegetarian. Ask when you make the ADR. I know that they can be very accomodating, esp. if you give them some advance notice.

    Have Fun - you are going to just love it!

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    I've actually seen La Nouba before. And you're right, zima-cheryl, it's amazing. That's what I bought a pair of tickets for me and the gf.

    Thanks for the input everybody. I ended up solving my problem. The solution was booking a third table-service meal! So now we're going to Raglan Road right before Cirque at 7:00 on Saturday night. We're still going to the 50's Prime Time Cafe for lunch on Sunday, and I moved Boma to 7:00on Monday night, right before we leave to drive home.

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    Re: Dinner and Cirque

    your's right dinner at Boma then the show not enough time to enjoy. do you have a car or taking the disney buses? if the buses forget it.
    maybe tony's would better in Mk.

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