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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Help Plan My Solo Trip in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi Everyone! I'm about 99% sure I'm going to take a solo trip to WDW in a few weeks, and wanted to get your opinions, input, and ideas. First, a ...
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    Help Plan My Solo Trip

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm about 99% sure I'm going to take a solo trip to WDW in a few weeks, and wanted to get your opinions, input, and ideas. First, a little background: I've been to the world hundreds of times, but have visited MK, Epcot, and the Studios most often. I've stayed at both Port Orleans hotels, as well as Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, and AK Lodge. And last, I've never done a solo trip. I'm sort of introverted, and not really that person that starts up random conversations. With that said, I'm not really the "loner" type that would prefer to be alone either.

    So here's where I would greatly appreciate help:
    -I'll most likely stay at a value or moderate resort. Room size isn't really important, nor is transportation (since I'll have a car). I want a clean, somewhat quiet room. What do you think?

    -What about dining? Should I stick to quick serve, or do I dare do a sit-down place alone?

    -Should I come up with a touring plan or just go and figure it out when I get there? Or maybe take my iPod and download Lou's audio guides?

    -What are some things I'm not thinking about or should be aware of? Any advice, ideas, comments, etc. would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    like a hotel better than than the mod's at least you get get room service. agree do not like eating alone.not many places to get take out.
    plan now for places and things you would like to do and when there you can change. always nice to dream of what we would like to see or do.

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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    I have had a few days solo. I stayed at Pop Century by myself and enjoyed it. I didn't feel singled out when I did to go the food court by myself. I did counter service most of the time. I did try Whispering Canyon by myself and that really wasn't a good choice. The waitress just brought my things and no interaction at all. I loved the food though. However, I might try Teppan Edo since they would sit you at a table with others. You wouldn't have to talk to the others other than hello and the food was wonderful.

    I just picked the places I wanted to make sure that I rode and went according to what I wanted. Which is a nice change after having to work around others.

    Enjoy your trip. I would love to go for a day or two.

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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    Some of the quieter restaurants are just fine for solo dining. If I felt odd, I'd just pull out my copy of The Walt Disney World Trivia Book or Hidden Mickeys, or a notebook to jot down some trip report notes. I particularly enjoyed solo dining at Kona Cafe, where the waitress was just friendly enough to make some conversation.

    As SnwhtNdwrfs mentioned, Teppan Edo seats everybody in groups of 8, so you wouldn't be dining alone there. I believe Biergarten also has group seating (it has been a long time since I've been there, so someone else please confirm or deny this).

    Also, communities like this one are great places to find other people who are also going to be at WDW the same time you are. Getting together for a meal is a great way to get to meet somebody new.

    As for rooms, most people find Pop Century a little quieter than the All Stars. All the resorts are clean.

    The beautiful part about solo travel is that you get to pick where you want to go, when you want to go, and you don't have to worry about anybody else's needs or desires. When I can, I'll try to have a rough idea of which park I want to be in or if there are particular things I want to see/do, and then just go with whatever mood strikes me. The audio guides are full of great information and can be a fun way to pass a few hours.

    Only thing to remember is that even though you are at Walt Disney World, don't forget common sense and safety. Some of those parking lots and paths can get pretty empty late at night.

    Happy planning and have a great time!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    Silver Britches,

    I did Disney alone a couple years ago (I ran the Half Marathon in 2006) and found it quite enjoyable. My best advice would be to not limit yourself. If you want to go to a sit down restaurant go ahead. The wait staff will make it enjoyable for you. Also make sure you take advantage of the single rider lines (like at Test Track). Because the only part that did kind of **** was waiting in line by myself. However, you will meet people I meet so many people down there who I hung out with and really enjoyed myself
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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    After I had dropped my DS off at the college program I had the better part of a day and a a chunk of the next before I flew home.

    I ate at Germany & Japan. People just spoke and included me. I went through many single rider lanes. Easy to talk to other single riders.

    I had a good time. It was just a day and a half but a good experience.
    I stayed at the FC. While I like POR better, this was a good fit for a couple of days.
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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    Yes, Biergarten in Germany does communal dining seating like Teppan Edo in Japan.

    Also another thing to consider for table service restaurants, try eating your meal at the bar. I have done that at Flying Fish at the BoardWalk where you can interact with other people, the staff, or just keep to yourself.

    I'm not sure what various restaurants do concerning take out meals, but I have managed to get take-out once from the Hollywood Brown Derby.
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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    I don't have any tips for you but I'd love to try going solo to the World once. As much as I love taking the family, and for this next trip first timers, I think it would be a whole new experience.
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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    I have had a few solo trips to WDW myself and enjoy the time without worrying about what everyone else wants to do.

    As for the resorts - Pop Century and All Star Music seem to be quieter than the other value resorts. I enjoy the peacefull and atmosphere of Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter.

    I have done both quick service and sit-down, depends on my moods. I love charater meals and go by myself. Sometimes I ask the people sitting close to me if they will take my picture with the characters other time I enjoy the interaction. I consider myself an introvert.

    Take the time to enjoy the things that sometime get past by when running to get to the rides.

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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    If you feel like a TS meal, you can always see if you can find a table in the lounge area. Most places carry their full-service menu in the lounges, so you cna enjoy your meal without sitting in the dining area alone.

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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    Most of my WDW vacations have been solo. Ive been with siblings and kids a few times and it was great fun, but with no spouce or kids of my own in tow, you can cover lots of ground on the solo vacation. When it boils down to it I personally prefer the solo WDW experience. And I dont have any issues at sit down resturants. Truth is, by myself, I have never had to wait for a table.

    Also I enjoy taking a break from the parks and hitting the resturants at the differnt resorts. At lunchtime for me anyway, I find that they are all quiet and you can walk right in and get a table. At night reservations are a must everywhere, but I have stood right outside my resturant of choise and phoned in a reservation in like 5 minutes and litterly gone right in. You cant do that with a family in tow.

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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    I take at least one solo trip to Disney a year - and (don't tell my family) I really prefer to go by myself!!!

    I always stay at the Pop Century Resort when I am by myself - it is the most centrally located of the value resorts and it does not share buses with another resort, making getting to and from the parks much faster. Plus, I just LOVE that three story Big Wheel!

    I usually just do counter service restaurants when I am there by myself. Not because I don't want too eat alone in the nicer places, but because I rarely have a plan when I am by myself.

    I do what I want to do when I want to do it - I eat when I'm hungry - I may ride rides, I may not -- I totally fly by the seat of my pants!

    It is the BEST!
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    Re: Help Plan My Solo Trip

    I had one solo trip back in '05. None of my friends/family are into Disney like I am, and I don't have a significant other; so I decided to try a solo trip rather than wait for someone who wanted to travel with me. I really had a great time.

    The only thing that I got tired of was eating in Tomorrowland Terrace-type eateries multiple times a day. As you mentioned in your post, I didn't "dare" eat at a table-service restaurant for fear of sticking out like a sore thumb. I think I might change that for my next solo trip and just hope nobody points and laughs. ;-) Hopefully by next May (hopefully my next trip), I'll make some acquaintances on here that will be down there at the same time--because I really missed places Narcoosees and le Cellier when I went solo.

    Other than the dining, as the others have said, it's a lot easier when you go solo: you go at your own pace, when and where you want, and you don't have to worry about others getting tired, etc.

    Have fun,

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