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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Crowds August 19-August 23 in the Vacation Planning forums; I was wondering if anyone has been during 8/19-/8/23... I was wondering what the crowds would be like? and what effect free dining will have on the crowds too?...
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    Crowds August 19-August 23

    I was wondering if anyone has been during 8/19-/8/23... I was wondering what the crowds would be like? and what effect free dining will have on the crowds too?
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    Re: Crowds August 19-August 23

    We usually arrive around the time you're going and it's not too bad, the quietest week seems to be early September as the English kids are (supposed!) to be back in school. the free dining definitely makes a difference, before they introduced it we had no problem getting reservations but now we have to book all our favourite Disney restaurants way ahead of our trip. That said, you can get lucky if you turn up prepared to wait for a no show. Whatever you do, enjoy your trip xxx

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    Re: Crowds August 19-August 23

    In the past, that used to be one of the quieter times of the year to go. Most of the Southern states would already be back in school, so you'd find lots of people from NY, NJ, etc. and overseas, but generally light crowds.

    But in recent years, several states have moved their school start dates to after Labor Day weekend, and the crowd levels have risen. I'd still say it's not as bad as in July or earlier in August, but definitely more "moderate" than "light" in my unscientific terms. Free Dining definitely encourages even more people to come then, and the restaurants do get booked up, but they wouldn't be offering Free Dining if it wasn't a slower time of the year.

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    Re: Crowds August 19-August 23

    My family will be there from 8/15-8/23. I hope the crowd will be starting to thin out. I didn't think we would get free dining. I believe it was offered a week earlier this year. So, that may increase the crowds too.

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    Re: Crowds August 19-August 23

    I was there in the first week of September in '07 and I've never seen lighter crowds! It was wonderful..I don't think we had to wait more than 15 minutes for an attraction our entire trip. As mentioned above, it is the first few weeks of school for most kids and parents don't want their kids missing the start of a new year.

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    Re: Crowds August 19-August 23

    with free dinning you will see crowds.

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