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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello everyone! I love the forums, I have learned so much in the last couple of months. I am traveling to WDW 7/8/-7/12. That is 5 days/4 nights. Not sure ...
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    Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    Hello everyone! I love the forums, I have learned so much in the last couple of months. I am traveling to WDW 7/8/-7/12. That is 5 days/4 nights. Not sure where I am staying yet but I have it narrowed down resort category. If a go value it will be Pop. If a go moderate it will be PO Riverside. Since listening to the WDW Radio Show, I am really dying to splurge and book the Polynesian. But, it will cost approx. $900 more dollars on the package deal that includes park hoppers with water park option and medium priced dining plan. Traveling with my wife and two sons, 14 & 10. This is our second time to Disney. First was 10/06. Had a wonderful time but stayed off site. I need to make my ADRs by next week. So....if I offer you my itinerary, can you critique it for me? In another post, several of you assuaged my fears of the crowds and heat in July by encouraging me to break our day into two...Park A.M/relax at resort in afternoon/ Early ADR and then another park. I like that idea especially if I splurge for the Poly because I want to enjoy the resort. I went commando style my last trip and am willing to smell the roses a little bit more this time. So... here it goes... I know this may be a bit much but so many of you have so much experience I feel I don't want to pass up your wisdom.

    Wed- Arrive 10-11AM from visiting family in Boca Raton Fl. Check in. Lunch at resort. Relax a little and explore resort. 5PM dinner at Chef Mickeys and then go to Magic Kingdom and stay for wishes.

    Thurs - Breakfast at resort early. Be at Hollywood studios for opening. Stay until lunch time. Counter service lunch at park. Relax at resort in heat of the day. Return to Hollywood studios for 5PM or so Fantasmic Dinner package at Mama Melrose. Eat and wait to line up for Fantasmic.

    Fri- Breakfast at resort early. Be at Typhoon Lagoon for opening. Counter service lunch there and then back to hotel for r&r. 5PM diner buffet at Boma and then head to Epcot for the night and stay for Illuminations.

    Sat- Breakfast at ??????( Not sure) Be at Epcot for opening. Tour Epcot. Counter service lunch at Epcot some where. Back to resort for r&r.
    5Pm dinner at Whispering Canyons at Wilderness Lodge OR....ADR at California Grill at normal dinner time. Go to magic Kingdom for a while and then try to go back up to observation deck for Wishes. ( My wife is not keen at eating so much food at approx 9 PM and I am not sure my kids would enjoy waiting that long either). How can I persuade her differently? Or, if I stay at the Poly, have dinner at Ohana, relax and watch fireworks from beach.

    Sun - Check out of resort. Have them hold my bags.Breakfast Buffet early at Boma/ check at animals at AKL from public viewing areas. Look around hotel a little and then on our way to AKL. Lunch at AKL OR travel to Downtown Disney for lunch and then take kids to Disney Quest for the afternoon. By 4PM travel to Orlando Airport for 7:20 PM flight back to New Jersey!!!

    Whew! I am tired just thinking about this but correct me if I am wrong, this is how you max out your time at the World right? You have to plan is the sense I get from all these forums. Would love your opinions!!!
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    Re: Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    your list looks good
    agree 9 pm for dinner is too late.
    going back to hotel in the heat and rest and swim great.

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    Re: Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    Can you get the package without the park hoppers? It doesn't look like you need it. Have them break down the package and see if you are really saving anything. Also check to see if you can get that promo going on now where you stay 4 nights and get 3 free, I know they extended it but not sure the stipulations on it.
    The Polynesian Resort is a beautiful place and you will want to take advantage of the area. If you stay there I would replace the ????? you have for Saturday breakfast with the Kona Cafe, I have 2 words for you......Tonga Toast!! They have the main volcano pool there which may be busy in July but they also have a quiet pool. It's also nice to sit out on the beach and at night you can watch wishes from there as well as the Electrical Water Pagent. You can also rent boats from their marina or walk/jog around the path that partially encircles the lagoon. At around dusk they also have a torch lighting ceremony. I'm giving you all this info because I read another thread you wrote today and it sounded like you made up your mind to stay at the Poly.....good choice
    You schedule sounds fine and you have some nice ADR's. Just try to secure the room ASAP
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Re: Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    Your ADRs look good and its great that you have a plan set-up. However, don't be afraid to go against it and be flexible if you need to be once you get there. Some days you may find that you may want to stick the crowds out during the afternoon or maybe hop over to a different park during that time instead of heading back to the resort. With boys who are 14 & 10, you may find that they may want to pass up that resort time on some days. I would really recommend taking advantage of your park hopper option. If you find that crowds are too heavy at one park or there is something your family really wants to/do see again, jump on over to another park. I'm sure you will all have a blast!

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    Re: Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    Yeah, be flexible. I know we always tend to not have enough time for Epcot, and it looks like you're really limiting time there... you may not need to go back to the resort and relax if you just have a leisurely lunch somewhere in an air-conditioned world showcase restaurant! There are also lots of places to sit back and relax for attractions... like the American Adventure show... air conditioned and relaxing. Lots of show to see in France, China, Canada... and a show after riding Maelstrom in Norway too. If you're in Future World, Ellen's Energy Adventure is a good, long, cool ride/show if you just want to take it easy away from the hustle and bustle of crowds for a little bit.

    Well, that's my two cents!

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    Re: Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    I would keep the parkhopper option as well. I have always had it and use it often!

    The Wilderness Lodge's Whispering Canyon has an amazing family style breakfast buffet. The Crystal Palace is pretty good.

    Our family likes to eat very close to the parks where we want to go early in the morning. First, decide what area you would like to be in that day and then you can find lots of amazing options very close to your destination.

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    Re: Seeking advice on my trip schedule & ADRs

    Great advice all. Thank you for responding. Sometimes I think I am over thinking this whole thing. But I guess it is good to be prepared this time of year. I am going to forgo the sit down breakfast on most days. I found out today that the Captain Cook's restaurant at the Poly is open at 6:30 AM which allows us plenty of time to get to a park by 8 AM or so.

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