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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Call from Mickey Mouse... in the Vacation Planning forums; I have seen on youtube that you can have a pre-recorded call from Mickey saying that he is glad that you will be visiting soon. My brother and sister-in-law are ...
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    Call from Mickey Mouse...

    I have seen on youtube that you can have a pre-recorded call from Mickey saying that he is glad that you will be visiting soon. My brother and sister-in-law are taking their two boys next month on their first trip. I would love to let them know about the call. Does anyone know how to get that set up? Thanks!

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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    I have heard about that. Unfortunately, I have no idea how you would go about doing that. I would love to know how to do that. We are going later on this year and I think that would be a great suprise for my family.

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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    I tried researching this for my trip this friday and it was just a promotional thing Disney was doing around Christmas time in 2007... It is no longer going on that I know of. Sorry.
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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    that would have been to nice to have both for adults and the kids

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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    My hubby arranged for me to have a pre-recorded call from Mickey and Minnie on the last day of our honeymoon. We were having lunch at Le Cellier and the server bought over a phone and said that there was a call for me! It was Mickey, saying that he heard we got married and that it was beautiful and stuff. I was so surprised. He organised it through the ADR people when he booked a meal. I am fairly sure you can get a wake up call when you are staying at a Disney hotel too, but I don't know about getting anything before you go. Best thing to do is call and ask - I think there are many things that Disney will do that they don't advertise!

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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    We used our Disney Movie Reward points to have Mickey call our girls right before bedtime the night before our trip in June 2008. I recorded them as my wife handed both girls a different extension and spoke to Mickey. They really thought it was cool. I'm not really certain how you can find out if it is still available either other then calling WDW direct. I know it is still available on for 300 points.
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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    Disney's Enchanted Calls is the service that you can use to order a phone call from a Disney character. It costs $2.49 per call, and you can choose from 8 princesses, Pooh, Tigger or Mickey. The "Good Morning" call has an option to say you're going on a trip. Click on "Preview Call" to read the whole script - it's not very customizable and it doesn't say when or where you are going on that trip.

    You might also ask your travel agent or Disney reservations at 1-407-WDisney if they know if the call from Mickey is still available.
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    Re: Call from Mickey Mouse...

    We're going to set up a call for our kids on their first morning at WDW. That should be cool!

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