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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Evening EMH Opinion in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello Everyone, Traveling to WDW July 8-12. Staying at the Polynesian. My boys are 14 &10. There are evening EMH that week at the Kingdom and Epcot. Should these hours ...
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    Evening EMH Opinion

    Hello Everyone,
    Traveling to WDW July 8-12. Staying at the Polynesian. My boys are 14 &10. There are evening EMH that week at the Kingdom and Epcot. Should these hours be avoided as advocated in the "Unofficial Guide" book? Or, will they give us decent access to some attractions? What is your opinion?

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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    It depends on your objectives during extra magic hours. If you are expecting no crowds and very short wait times you will be dissapointed. This used to be the case years ago but with more and more guests staying onsite now, I have found that the wait times during evening extra magic hours don't start to lessen until the last half hour or so. They do however give you more time to tour the parks. Get their early for headliners take a break at somepoint in the day, and then if you need to EMH are there to finish up the stuff you didn't get to do during the day. Just my $.02.

    One exception, recently on a fantasmic night at the studios I was able to get on Toy Stoy Mania in about 20 minutes despite the posted 50 min wait. But you are going to the Epcot and MK so this doesn't matter haha.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    Even during the summer, I typically plan to tour the park that had EMH the night prior. FOr instance, if MK had EMH on Friday night, we'll visit MK on Saturday. The crowds seem to be mor managebale this way and we get to do everything we want.

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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    If you can stay until the end of evening EMH at Epcot & the MK, the very last 30 minutes you will be able to walk on, or nearly walk on, to most of the big attractions. Unfortunately, that will only give you time to do one or two, with low lines.

    The rest of the evening, plan on seeing less popular things, doing some shopping.
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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    For EMH hours I'll usuallly do a park like AK or DHS during the day then do EMH at MK at night... It's a little crowded but it allows for you to stretch the magic out for a little longer
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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    To me, the parks have a different form of magic at night. Unless you feel that the boys are too young to stay up late, it's great fun just to be in the park. Get a snack and enjoy the ambience and music and people. Talk to some cast members. Some of my favorite night activities:

    In MK ride Thundermountain at night, it's a different ride at night.

    In Epcot, get a coffee and pastry at the Norwegian pavillion and walk the showcase at night one last time.
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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    I may be the only person - but I always have amazing luck at evening EMH!! Particularly if the park has a late closing to begin with. The best time was when the Magic Kingdom was open until 3AM over New Years week -- by 2Am, we had the place to ourselves, and rode anything and everything!!
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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    One thing to remember during EMH at night during July especially: it's perhaps the coolest time of day! Even if there is a slight wait, it'll be much more comfortable!

    We did morning EMH and I couldn't get over how much we accomplished!

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    Re: Evening EMH Opinion

    Ive only been into MK 1 time after dark and it was very cool. It was very busy also, so long lines everywhere. But if you have the patience to wait, I found that TMRR and Splash Mt seam like compleatly different rides at night and worth the wait times.

    If hitting rides is what you want to do, stay away from the light parade and hit the rides. Way shorter lines during the parades.

    I have found that Epcot at night is more casual and relaxed then MK is.

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