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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Refillable mug question in the Vacation Planning forums; My family is spending one night at ASMusic before heading to the WL. Are the refillable mugs the same across property or are they resort specific? We'd like to buy ...
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    Refillable mug question

    My family is spending one night at ASMusic before heading to the WL. Are the refillable mugs the same across property or are they resort specific? We'd like to buy them day 1 but only if they can be used at WL as well.

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    Re: Refillable mug question

    Last time I was there they were the same everywhere and you were only meant to refil them at the place you bought them. However,a)they'd never know and b)you are still staying at a Disney resort so I guess that would be ok anyway!

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    Re: Refillable mug question

    I never knew that you couldn't refill them in other resorts---I must have done that a dozen times on my last trip when we were "resort hopping!" They're all generic mugs now, there is no way for them to pull you over (for a lack of better term!) for a mug and see where you purchased it!
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    Re: Refillable mug question

    Hi! Ours was a generic mug it was not resort specific. I would not think it would be a problem. I would probably just ask the cast member when you check in to the first resort. Have fun!
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    Re: Refillable mug question

    Yep - the refillable mugs are the same at every resort. This year they are a white mug with a red band adorned with the "Fab 5." There are red, yellow and black lids and handles to choose from - and you can get all three of the colors at any of the resorts, so it is not a way for them to see where you bought it.

    The VERY small print on the mug states that - "Refills available at no additional charge at the Beverage island station located in the resort where this mug was purchased through the end of your resort stay."

    I really don't see a problem with using the same mug just because you hopped over to another resort during your stay.

    Shoot - most guests I've seen have NO problem whatsoever using old mugs from past visits. I've even seen people filling up disposable plastic cups!
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    Re: Refillable mug question

    Yeah...*technically* if you buy them at ASMu, you should buy new ones at WL. But honestly...they're the same mug and you're using them on the same trip. I take issue with people who bring back mugs from year's past, but in this case...ehhhhh, go for it.

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