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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Annual Pass Dining Package? in the Vacation Planning forums; I've heard on the podcasts and saw some posts, but don't quite follow what the dining special (I think it was 20% off) if you have an annual pass? What's ...
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    Annual Pass Dining Package?

    I've heard on the podcasts and saw some posts, but don't quite follow what the dining special (I think it was 20% off) if you have an annual pass? What's it called (It was called something Tabel I think)? Where can I read about it? It's SEPERATE from the Dining package, right?

    Thanks all

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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    I don't know much about it, but here's what I do know, all of which I learned here or on one of the podcasts I follow:

    There is a program, which used to be called the Disney Dining Experience, and was later renamed to Tables In Wonderland. I don't know what it's called now, or whether it even still exists.

    It is a paid membership. You pay an annual fee, and then you get some sort of discount program. 20% off sounds familiar, but I believe it was only specific restaurants, at specific times.

    It is not limited to AP holders, but AP holders do (did?) get a discount on membership.

    Separately from this, there are some discounts that come with your AP at no extra cost. Included among them are a fair number of dining discounts, several locations in World Showcase for example. However the times are even more limited (typically only lunch Monday through Thursday, for example). I can't remember whether the discount is 10% or 20%.

    I think you said in an earlier post that you just bought your AP. That probably means that you got your exchange certificate, which you'll trade in for your actual pass the first time you go to one of the parks. Along with your pass you'll get your passholder booklet. It's like a little jacket to keep your pass in, with a little booklet attached that lists all the benefits in it. This booklet will list all the discounts you get along with any limitations. You should also be able to find it on Disney's web site in the Passholder area. (I think you can log in with the ID number on your exchange certificate when it arrives).

    I don't have my pass with me to log in to the site, and I haven't even gotten my 2009 booklet yet, otherwise I'd offer more detailed information. If I know this community, however, you won't be waiting long before someone else comes along and fills in all the blanks.

    By the way, welcome to the passholder family!


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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    There is the Dining Experience plan which is now called Tables of (or in ) Wonderland. However, if you have a room reservation, you can also get the dining plans that everyone else who doesn't have an AP can get. So you can get a AP discount for the room and still get a quick service, disney dining, or deluxe plan. The dining costs the same as for nonAP holders but the discount is on the room.

    If you do not have a hotel, then the only discount would be for the Tables of Wonderland program if you join it.

    Does that make sense?

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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    As an AP holder you'll be able to purchase the Tables in Wonderland card at a discounted rate. Its usually a better deal than the dining plans especially when you factor the discounted price in.

    Something to keep in mind though, gratuity is now automatic when you use Tables in Wonderland which is 18%. Most people would leave this amount anyway so it's not really a problem.

    You can get the card by calling 407-939-3463. With your Annual Pass, it will cost $75 (normally $100). There are some restrictions such as black out dates (most major holidays) and not all restaurants accept it--but most do. Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom doesn't take it for example.

    Your membership is good for one year and is separate from your AP membership. The 20% off really adds up. It took me 6 table service dinners to break even.
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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    Wow - great answers, I knew I came to the right place. Many thanks.

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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    Just a side note -- your Tables in Wonderland card also includes "beverages," so you can use it at various bars and lounges as well. Just remember that they automatically add an 18% tip onto your tab - so don't tip the bartender twice!!!!
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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    i had the Dining experience a while back when it kicked off (pre ddp). It was 20% off and included an 18% gratuity. Discounts to the AP holder and some other benefits. On the whole it was a pretty good purchase for my GF and myself. We used it quite frequently, so I would recommend it if you visit the world a lot!

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    Re: Annual Pass Dining Package?

    even on walk up they add 18% like flame tree bbq?
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