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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Ticket Prices in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi everyone, My next trip to the world is on October 1st (61 days to go ) I'm coming over from the U.K and usually purchase my park tickets before ...
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    Ticket Prices

    Hi everyone,

    My next trip to the world is on October 1st (61 days to go )

    I'm coming over from the U.K and usually purchase my park tickets before I go but I am trying to figure out if it would be more cost effective to buy them on the gate when I get there.

    I am looking to purchase a 7 day ticket with park hopping. I don't need water parks or the no expiration add on, just the 7 days with park hopper option.

    The problem is I have looked on about 3 different websites and 2 guide books and they are ALL quoting a different price for this type of ticket which has left me completely confused!!

    Could anyone confirm how much this type of ticket will cost me if I walk up and purchase it at the gate. It's really important that I stick to my budget so I really don't want any nasty suprises when I realise it will cost me way more than I had allowed for.


    Vic xx

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    Re: Ticket Prices

    Having lived in the UK just a year ago, I also know that figuring in the exchange rate between now and October could also make this a mind boggling experience. I think I'd prefer just to have the tickets paid for ahead of time and not worry about should I have waited. I don't know if that means you'll still have to go to guest services to activate your tickets or if you'll be able to go right to the turnstile. Buying now may help avoid any possible future price increases as well.
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    Re: Ticket Prices

    Tickets go up tomorrow.

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    Re: Ticket Prices

    Ticket prices are going up, try to get them now.

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    Re: Ticket Prices

    Local news covered yesterday's price increase. The story from their web site, linked below, includes a chart for some of the popular options:

    Disney Hikes Prices 5 Percent

    You should be able to get the same information from Disney's web site ( I don't believe that there's any difference in pricing between buying on the spot and buying online ahead of time. There are various discounts available for AAA members, active or retired US military, or some local employers. In most cases you have to purchase tickets from the group offering the discount. EG to get my AAA discount, I have to go to a AAA office to buy my tickets, and then take the vouchers I'm given to the parks to exchange for an admission ticket. Military personnel have to get their vouchers at their MWR offices.

    You'll also have to take into account the exchange rate, in particular the variance over time as well as any premiums and fees imposed by credit card companies, which typically give you a less favorable exchange rate that you'd get at a bank. It could be cheaper to buy some dollars or dollar-denominated traveler's checks before you leave the UK, or to change some cash at the airport, rather than paying either online or in person by credit card. You might also consider using a travel agent, at least here in the US travel agents typically work on commission and their services don't cost you anything. Last time I used one they gave me some useful advice on managing the exchange rate that ended up saving me some money.

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