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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss No Park Pass on arrival What to do? in the Vacation Planning forums; Due to changing flight times, we will now be arriving on Disney property at 10 a.m. YAYAYAY! Originally, our flight was supposed to get in a 3 p.m. So we ...
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    No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    Due to changing flight times, we will now be arriving on Disney property at 10 a.m. YAYAYAY! Originally, our flight was supposed to get in a 3 p.m. So we made dinner reservations at Raglan Rd & left it at that. Our park hopper won't start until the next day.

    Now that we are arriving earlier I would like to plan something for my family to do. My 3 girls are 14, 11 & 8. For my oldest 2, this will be their 5th trip to WDW. Since we will have to get up at 4 a.m., I don't want to do something late at night. I was just wondering what fabulous suggestions you all would have for us.

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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    Since you'll be going to Raglan Road maybe you can head over to DisneyQuest since it's right there. Whenever I'm down there with my family we'll play all four mini golf courses in a day too. That's always fun!
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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    I'd honestly suggest trying the mini-golf at either Fantasia Gardens or Winter-Summerland. I've played Winter-Summerland and really found it fun, even in my 20's. Down Town Disney of course always has some cool stuff to check out. If you or your family have wanted to check out what the other resorts are like, go check em out. Some areas are only available to that resorts guests, but they don't shut you out from everything. I plan on going over to Animal Kingdom Lodge and checking it out, Fort Wilderness is cool to go and walk around as well. Outside of the box, but still free or at least cheaper.

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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    Are you staying on-property? How long are you staying?

    If you're staying for 4 or more days, I'd check-in and add an extra day to your tickets. At that point it doesn't cost that much more!

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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    Downtown Disney is always our first stop. It helps get you in the Disney Mindset and there's no fee to enter! Of course you could always drive around to the various resorts and check out all the different Disney Magic they offer!
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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    Minigolf, resort hopping, hangout at the Boardwalk, Characters in Flight, DisneyQuest are all fun ways to spend an afternoon.

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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    You didn't mention whether you will have your own transportation. The things I thought of right away have already been mentioned, but don't discount checking out the areas right outside property. My favorite mall, Lake Buena Vista Outlet Mall, is a located on Rt 535, a mile outside the main entrance to Downtown Disney. There's a local Walmart nearby as well that has a pretty good supply of Disney items. You can stock up on bottled water and snacks to get you through to that next awesome meal on property.
    However, just touring the resorts should provide plenty of entertainment that arrival day.
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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    After the pool, go to Beaches & Cream for a Kitchen Sink. We typically arrive the afternoon prior and stay at a vacation home off site. For the past few years, we have headed to the resorts and just walked around the Boardwalk area enjoying the atmosphere. One year, since it only added $2 per person to our tickets, aftr the Kitchen Sink, we walked to Epcot for Illuminations.

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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    I agree with 04cp nolan with the mini-golf. Since you'll be up early that day, mini golf would be my choice. Or get over to Wilderness campground to see the horses at Tricircle D ranch. There's pony rides too. Would be a good way to relax before the excitement of the parks the next day.
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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    We usually hit up the downtown disney area but I wouldn't mind checking out the Boardwalk area or mini golf. I think both would be fun.
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    Re: No Park Pass on arrival What to do?

    Mini golf is always a good time for the family. There's also Disney Quest and Flights of Wonder at DTD. Since you're going to Raglan Road that evening, why not make a day of it at DTD. There used to be movie theaters at DTD, but I'm not sure if that's still there. Some of the more economical choices would be to take the time and walk around your resort to check it out, visit the pool, etc. Wilderness Lodge has a tour of the resort scheduled everyday and Animal Kingdom Lodge has speakers and activities going on all day.

    Good luck and have a great time.

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