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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Christmas at Fort Wilderness in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi all! My family and I are taking a trip to the World in December and were planning on making a stop at the Fort Wilderness campgrounds one night during ...
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    Christmas at Fort Wilderness

    Hi all! My family and I are taking a trip to the World in December and were planning on making a stop at the Fort Wilderness campgrounds one night during out stay to take in all the Christmas decorations. I have a few logistical questions before we go that hopefully you guys can help me with...

    We have reservations at Chef Mickey's at 8:05 PM and I plan on us getting out of there at around 9:00 or a little after and then driving over to FW, putting us there by 9:30 or 9:45 PM. Does anyone know what time people start turning off their displays? Is it usually around 10:00 or do most people keep theirs on until closer to 11:00 (or later)?

    Other than driving through the campgrounds once and taking the boat to eat at the Trail's End restaurant a couple of times, I have never spent much time at FW. Are there any tips for navigating the campground or where the displays tend to be? If we park in the main parking lot, should we take the bus or just start walking? If we do take the bus, where should we get off?

    Any other tips for enjoying the displays will be much appreciated and I will add any questions as I think of them. Thank you all in advance for your help!

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    Re: Christmas at Fort Wilderness

    My family & I just love FW at Christmas I would say its way too big to walk. Not sure what time people turn their lights off. I bet the busses would let you know the best way to see the lights. Have a great trip hope the time works out for ya.

    I'm always planing that next trip 2002 - 1st family trip WDW off sight, 2005- Kids B-days WDW FTW cabins, 2006- My B-day MVMCP FTW cabins,2007- MNSSHP POR, 2008- MNSSHP CBR (free dinning), 2011- CBR (free dinning)

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    Re: Christmas at Fort Wilderness

    We were there last December. I love all the decorations of the campsites. It really puts you in that Christmas frame of mind. I made a Cinderella's Castle and had it timed to great Disney music. Did you see it by chance? We were in the 500 loop.
    Would be great to meet some folks online and then meet them in person at Christmas.


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