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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Dressing For WDW in December??? in the Vacation Planning forums; Does anyone have some suggestions about how to dress for the weather for a WDW Trip in early December? I know the highs are around 72s and lows are 52s. ...
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    Dressing For WDW in December???

    Does anyone have some suggestions about how to dress for the weather for a WDW Trip in early December? I know the highs are around 72s and lows are 52s. We've always gone in the summer month before. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks all!
    Dave R

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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    For me, those temps mean a long sleeve shirt while still in shorts and sandals!
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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    I bring layers. A long sleeve t-shirt, a fleece base and a windbreaker (and possibly one other thin layer if it's really cold) are are all I've ever needed. You can peel off or add layers as needed.

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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    pack a mixture of things! We went in mid November last year and FL was having a cold spell, it was down right COLD! lol
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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    i agree pack a mix i went in 1999/2000 and it was a record low that they hadnt seen in 100 years one day it was only 20 degrees and that was cold even for a new englander so expect the unexpected we will never make that mistake again!
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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    Jeans with a Tshirt and a Good NIKE/ADIDAS pull over sweat shirt with pockets with a hoodie. Ya get hot tie it around your waist. Too cool put it back on.
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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    Layers are a very good idea, because weather is changeable. As an example, just during the past month we've had record highs (upper 90s) followed a week later by decidedly fall-like temperatures (not even making 80 during the day and into the 40s at night) before going back to normal (which right now is 60s at night to 80s during the day).

    Bottom line, be prepared for temperatures either above or below the average. It's been that kind of year.

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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxum View Post
    For me, those temps mean a long sleeve shirt while still in shorts and sandals!
    Same here
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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    WDW the perfect place to spend our holiday every year. When we reached the WDW we were wearing the several layers of clothing. So, I also recommend to you Layers clothes are the best because December season’s weather is very variable. Thanks


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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    I went down in January of 2002 and it was colder in Orlando than in New York. They were in the middle of a deep freeze, the vegetation was shot, and Disney World was 100% sold out of cold-weather gear. I don't think it'll be that cold in December, but we weren't prepared for what we encountered that day.

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    Re: Dressing For WDW in December???

    In October it was almost as hot as our August trip. I'll be packing for a variety of temps for this Dec. The only thing I'll definately leave home are the mister bottles. Since we're flying from NJ we'll be dressed in light layers anyway. Shorts on the bottom though. I've yet to wear jeans in WDW.

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