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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss June/July @ WDW in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi all...We have the possibility to come to WDW from Australia @ end of june for a conference and to stay for about 10 days afterwards, Just curious about weather ...
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    June/July @ WDW

    Hi all...We have the possibility to come to WDW from Australia @ end of june for a conference and to stay for about 10 days afterwards, Just curious about weather and lines and how busy the parks are and accommodation on site etc etc. Ty all and "Keep on Mousing"..

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    Re: June/July @ WDW

    I've lived in South Florida since 1982. I'm not trying to be negative but Orlando in June and July is H*LL ON EARTH> If you are comfortable with high humidity and temps in the the high 90's then maybe you'll have a good time. If not, I'd recommend the fall or winter.

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    Re: June/July @ WDW

    I've been to WDW during that time frame and I agree with Elviseth, it's bad. The lines will be long because American Schools are mostly out for summer vacation so families are there. I suggest you do some research on here and other sites for the best times of the week to hit certain parks. For example, go to MK on Fridays and Saturdays and avoid MK on Mondays. The reasoning behind this is that most American families travel to Florida on Friday's and Saturday's. We used that formula and were pretty successful on our last summer trip.
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    Re: June/July @ WDW

    i have been in july.. its so hot... and so crowded.. but.. just like me.. i had a chance to go... and i took it.. i knew what it was going to be.. but i wanted to go so badly.. we just done what we wanted to do early and got back to our room.. then went back out after the sun started going down.. so far fall is my fav. time to go... but just like next week.. i know its going to be packed.. and i know the temps are going to be on the cooler side... but i dont care.. i have a chance to go to WDW and i'm jumping all over if you planning and can go anytime its fall.. but if your going down on busy and can go then shoot... go for it.. thats what im doing.
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    Re: June/July @ WDW

    My family and I went last July and it was very hot and humid. There were alot of bugs and it rained just about every day. but I agree with Chrissy&Tayen, if I would have an opportunity to go, I would take it.
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    Re: June/July @ WDW

    Hi! As everyone else has said, July is extremely hot! I went this past summer from July 3-8. As it was Fourth of July week, it was extremely crowded! If you can deal with long lines and close quarters, than it's not so bad. The heat is unbearable sometimes, but my friend and I had bought the spray bottles with fans attached to the tops of them. These kept us cool for the most part, and were sometimes even really fun to mess around with. Also, we woke up really early in the morning and got to the parks first thing. Around lunch time when the sun was getting too much, we went back to our resort and went to the pool and relaxed in our room. Then around dinner time, we would eat at the same park and then hit up some of the attractions we missed earlier. We would stay until closing time, and even though we had to put up with the lines, we pretty much hit everything. You may have to sacrifice some fireworks or shows though. All in all, we had a wonderful trip! I would never pass up a chance to go to WDW, no matter what the weather was like!!

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    Re: June/July @ WDW

    I agree with everyone else. My family likes to go during the summer, and that's usually the time frame we choose. It's hot and crowded, but if you know what to expect then you may still have a great time. We enjoy our vacations despite the heat and crowds. Make sure you have ways to stay cool, and take breaks in the heat of the afternoon. Use FASTPASS to your advantage. And make sure you plan for that mid-afternoon thunderstorm that happens every day!

    Overall, though, it's a chance to go to WDW. My advice is go and have fun!
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