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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Spirit Air vs Southwest Air in the Vacation Planning forums; Have travelled SW many times with great success. But here are a few tricks that may help... check their web site frequently, they run some great specials, but they also ...
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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    Have travelled SW many times with great success. But here are a few tricks that may help... check their web site frequently, they run some great specials, but they also limit their booking times to about 6 months out. When you are ready to go, print your boarding pass out exactly 24 hours out to get a seating category of A B or C. The A's go first etc so you want to try to get an A. (no assigned seating can be a bit of a hassle if you are travelling with a group) The best is no charge for luggage ( at least so far)

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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    to me, southwest is so far out in front of the airline industry...i dont even bother with anyone else.

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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    We fly out of Philly and Baltimore frequently on SouthWest and we love them! They are definitely my airline of choice.
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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    Saw on news today that a Senator is really ticked off about Spirits new carry on. He is sick to death about all the add ons of airlines. (Finally).
    He considers carry on a necessity of travel. Wants to end this. If his first way doesn't succeed he said he is going to introduce legislation to get them to knock it of.

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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    We flown in the last 2 years at least 10 times on SW and never ever had a complaint. Most flight filled to capacity but otherwise great service.
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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    Glad to see Southwest joined Disney's resort airline check-in.
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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    We will be taking Southwest when we go to Disney in 2 weeks. Previous poster said that they were part of the resort online check in??? I have not seen this but last time we went to disney we went down to the front desk (not the airline desk) 24hours before the flight and they check us in.
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    Re: Spirit Air vs Southwest Air

    they tried it on a trial basis... check the threads... there was one all about it...

    huge fan of southwest... us LIers are all fans... rather drive half an hour to ISP and pay less than driving all the way to LGA or JFK... for me it takes an hour to get to LGA and even linger to JFK... almost half the time your in the air...
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