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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in the Vacation Planning forums; We are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in November. We are DVC members so we are going to stay 4 nights at BLT (Lake View) and 2 nights at AKL. ...
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    Smile 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    We are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in November. We are DVC members so we are going to stay 4 nights at BLT (Lake View) and 2 nights at AKL. We have not stayed at either one of these resorts so this will be something new for us.

    It has been a couple of years since we have been to WDW so we are pretty excited. It will be a slower paced trip for us. After 4 back surgeries, I am walking a little slower and I won't be doing any of the roller coasters.

    We are looking for ideas to do something special on this trip. A behind the scene tours is of interest. Especially, since it is Christmas season. I believe they have a holiday themed behind the scene tour.

    Restaurant ideas ?? We have never been to Yachtmans Steakhouse so we are interested in this restaurant. Also, Raglin Road sounds interesting for a meal.

    I mentioned our 25th Anniversary to the Cast Member at Member Services. I don't know if Disney will do anything other than say "Happy Anniversary". I kidded with the Cast member about the suite in Cinderellas Castle. She said they are not doing anything with that room anymore. I am not sure if this is true or not. If it is....What a shame!

    I am looking forward your suggestions!


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    Re: 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    Patrick those resorts should be really beautiful and a very nice way to spend your 25th. I went last year to the world for our anniversary and while nothing was done special I did get alot of well wishes from cast members, which really meant alot, I didn't even think they saw my pin but apparently they did. Actually when we went mini golfing the cm there gave us each a goofy golf ball. When you arrive at your resort they should give you anniversary buttons (if they forget, ask them for the buttons) just wear them everywhere and you never know what perks you may get.
    I've never been on any of the tours but some of them are really long and involve alot of walking so be sure to ask if someone who has had back surgey would be a good canidate for the tour. Here is a listing of the tours...... Tours and Other Experiences -- Descriptions
    One nice special and romantic touch would be a cruise, here is what is available..... Specialty Cruises
    As far as restaurants go there are so many and it's a personal choice as to what kind of food you like and how much you like to spend. I went to Yachtsman several years ago and it was good, but I've been hearing mixed reviews on it lately, you could check the Disney food blog to see what they say about it. The Cali Grill is nice especially if you could get in around firework time, even if you don't get a window seat you can get up and go out on the rooftop and watch them from there and they pipe in the music, it's really a beautiful vantage point. If your staying over at Animal Kingdom you may want to look into Boma or Jiko or the new restaurant Sanaa they usually always get really good reviews. Good luck and
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Re: 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    You might also like a sunset cruise down the Sassagoula from Port Orleans to DTD.

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    Re: 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    Thanks for the information. I like the idea of a cruise. I wish you could rent the boat and go. I am sure that is impossible because of the darkness on the water. The problem with a boat and a operator is that it is like having a guy come play music during dinner. After a few songs, it becomes awkward because of the 3rd person.

    I especially liked the tip about asking about whether a tour would be ok with someone with back surgeries. I would love to do a Segway but the wife is scared of them.

    I am looking forward to spending some time in the Top of the World lounge at BLT. I have several great memories of the original one at CR.

    We spent our 20th anniversary at VB. Management sent a bottle of Champagne up to the room. It was a very lovely gesture. I guess I need to be on the look for some diamond jewelery. Maybe some mickey jewelery would be in order.

    Thanks again......Keep those suggestions coming. I already planned to leave a voicemail to be posted on the WDWRadio podcast. When we travel we make it a point to listen to Lou in the car. Our son swims in college so we travel every weekend to different cities in the winter. It is great entertainment. We don't mind the rambling or the top ten lists that become a top 73. It kills the time in the car. LOL

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    Re: 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    Congratulations to you both. My DH and I will be married 22 years this December and we are already planning to renew our wedding vows in 3 years at WDW. Nothing says "I'm your forever" like doing that
    Have a great time!!

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