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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Disney in December in the Vacation Planning forums; I have a couple of questions regarding my Disney vacation this December. I have never been to Orlando this time of year. We are arriving Dec. 2nd-7th, how are the ...
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    Disney in December

    I have a couple of questions regarding my Disney vacation this December. I have never been to Orlando this time of year. We are arriving Dec. 2nd-7th, how are the crowds around these dates? Also, what is the weather like this time of year? Thank you for your input!

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    Re: Disney in December

    Weather: Who knows. FL is unpredictable (except that it will be hot and rainy all summer). In December you could see anything from freezing to the high 80's. The average temperature in December is 61F and the average rainfall in December is 1.8" (which is second only to November for the most dry month of the year). Basically, prepare for pleasant conditions in the 60's, but pay attention to the forecast. I was there during the marathon in Jan last year when it snowed and only got above freezing for a few hrs mid day. Are you staying at a monorail resort, or resort with boat launch? This could be helpful as the day/night temperature deviation can leave you carrying a lot of extra clothing at times.

    Crowds: That period of time is likely to be very quiet. The busiest day will probably be Saturday, which will be a little bit busier but not too bad. The other days should be quiet in the parks.

    Keep in mind that a number of the nights that you will be there, the MK will be closing early for Mickeys Very Merry X-Mas Party. This is a hard ticketed event, so you will need an additional ticket to stay after 1900. The rest of the day the park is open, and the hours are the other parks are generally unaffected.

    In conclusion, your going at a quiet time with great weather. Good choice. Check out for more crowd information and touring plans/tips. If you have a smartphone it's even more advantageous. Their subscription is about $10 a year.

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    Re: Disney in December

    Here is the site I go to to get historical weather info:
    History : Weather Underground

    It is already setup for the dates, and then some, for when you will be there.
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    Re: Disney in December

    It's brilliant going to WDW during quiet periods: no Brazillian tour groups, tiny lines - if any at all - and a much more laid-back atmosphere. Yet, you always run the risk of WDW Ops using the breathing-space of the quiet periods to take down your favourite attraction or show for refurbishment. Check the official website for announcements.

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    Re: Disney in December

    Thank you very much! This makes me feel better about these dates!

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    Re: Disney in December

    It really depends on how you time it. I'm checking in on the 5th and had a difficult time finding vacancy at the DVCs. The Christmas parade is being shot that weekend and I guess people are sticking around for the week. They're expecting heavier-than-normal crowds through the following Sunday. A bit later next time, and I should be fine.
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    Re: Disney in December

    I was there Dec. 5-14 back in 2007. It was a wonderful time to go--you will love Disney during the holiday season. Very, very light crowds, however, there weren't any of the promotions going on back then that Disney is offering things may be a little heavier for you. I remember wearing shorts every day, but at night it would get chilly and I needed a hoodie and sweat pants. I'd pack a little bit of everything.

    Make sure you check out the Osborne lights at the Studios and the Candlelight Processional at Epcot!! They're both phenominal!! I'd also recommend the Christmas party at MK if your budget allows!

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    Re: Disney in December

    In short moderate temps upper 50's to high 70's
    not substantial rain but chance of hurricanes exist
    bring a sweater
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    Re: Disney in December

    Since this is your first time during December, you have to make sure to do: Mickey's Christmas Party, Osborne Light Festival (Studios) and Candelight processional (EPCOT). Make sure to take some time and check out some of the other deluxe resorts - Grand Floridian has giant Ginger Break house and they all have huge Christmas Trees - simply take a quick Monorail tour of Contemp, Poly & GFBeach. You'll love it. I went last year, first week of December - weather was perfect, you'll probably need a jacket at night (light one, not like a parka or anything). Enjoy

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