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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Which park would YOU choose? in the Vacation Planning forums; I am planning a special Mom and Daughter (she will be 6.5 years old) Disney Trip in September. We will have 2 days in parks and 3 nights at the ...
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    Which park would YOU choose?

    I am planning a special Mom and Daughter (she will be 6.5 years old) Disney Trip in September. We will have 2 days in parks and 3 nights at the Pop Century. SO EXCITED!!!!

    We each already have 2-day passes with no park-hopper options. One day will most definitely be spent at the Magic Kingdom. My daughter was at Hollywood Studios this past January with my husband (I was at Urgent Care with her baby sister, don't ask) so she's already done that recently. And she has been to AK when she was 4 and enjoyed it.

    I'm torn between taking her to AK or Epcot for our second park day for this trip. She's never been to Epcot and I LOVE it there, but I just worry she won't have enough to do. I know, Lou would yell at me for stating this! I guess we could start our day there, go back to the resort for a while and swim and relax, come back and finish and stay for Illuminations, right?

    Or would we do better at AK for the day?

    What are your thoughts? She's got a good attention span and is a wonderful travel companion. I'm just torn as to which one would make for a better day since we can't "hop" if we run out of stuff to do.
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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    Whilst I love Animal Kingdom, I would say go with Epcot, when we took my niece when she was 5 she loved going round World Showcase and meeting all of the characters in the different countries and creating a mask at the Kidcot fun stops (probably one of her favorite things the whole 2 weeks. Maybe book a lunch or dinner at Akershus and meet the princesses, take her photo 'around the World' maybe do Kim Possible oh and ride a few attractions too lol, round off the day with Illuminations, perfect

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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    This is like choosing between pie and cake. You can't go wrong. She's old enough to have an opinion. Which park does she prefer?

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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    My 6 (almost 7) year old loves Epcot. She loves riding Test Track and Soarin. She was thoroughly interested in Living With the Land too. The Mexican pavilion was a lot of fun and she loved the giant trolls in the shop in Norway. The Kidcot Fun Stops were probably her favorite thing in World Showcase.

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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    My niece just turned 6. She seems to love EPCOT. We just went in March and she had a blast riding Test Track, Soarin, Nemo, etc. I think I would pick EPCOT since she has never been.
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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    I know that when I went when I was younger I loooooved going around World Showcase. You could do something fun like picking out a small candy item or treat to share from each of the countries, or even a fun photo challenge like taking a photo wearing a hat from each of the countries (who doesn't like trying on the viking hats and berrets?). Kim Possible is also a lot of fun... there are lots of ways to make walking around the countries fun for a kid

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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    I would say Epcot. A lot has changed in Future World in the last 14 yrs. Definitely walk the Showcase. We finally did that this last trip and it was wonderful, we only really saw Morocco since we would eat there. This time we walked the whole thing and loved it.

    I agree AK is really a half day park, it's more walking and standing in lines than seeing much of anything, it seems. Once the parade starts up you are pretty much taking the longest route possible to get out of the park, since there is only one entrance. It took almost as long to get out of the park as it did to stand in line for Kilamanjaro Safari (over 1 hour)
    hope u would like this way..

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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    If you do your homework, you'll find a lot to do in Epcot for small children. Collecting stamps on the Duffy (formerly masks), saving the world with Kim Possible, building your own roller coaster, learning about money, fire safety, velcro, or recycling (Inoventions East & West). I do love Animal Kingdom and enjoy watching the tigers and gorillas. It's not a bad choice either way.
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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    My kids (currently 8 and 5) LOVE Epcot, it's their favorite park. (mine too) They love the Living Seas with Nemo (and Turtle Talk with Crush) Soarin and Test Track are also favorites. They also enjoyed the Epcot Kidcot stops too. They also loved going to Club Cool and trying out some of the popular Coke drinks from other countries.
    The countries have so much to do (and eat). You should really consider Epcot as your second park to enjoy.
    Don't miss IllumiNations at night. Great show!

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    Re: Which park would YOU choose?

    110% epcot.
    I actually really enjoyed animal kingdom...more so than the studios.
    But, EpcotCenter is just, for me, the only logical choice you have.
    Go with wont regret it.

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