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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Favorite time in the "World"? in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi everyone~ I am sure this is addressed/discussed in another area of the forum but I thought I would ask again for an updated version. What is your favorite time ...
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    Favorite time in the "World"?

    Hi everyone~

    I am sure this is addressed/discussed in another area of the forum but I thought I would ask again for an updated version.

    What is your favorite time of year to visit WDW? For how long do you stay? And what makes it better then any other time of the year?


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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    Summer for me, as strange as it may sound. Blistering heat and huge crowds, maybe, but at least you can guarantee that attractions down for refurb will be few and far between.

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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    May, right after Spring Break is over. Not too hot yet and the crowds have thinned out.
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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    We like mid to late January. Some rides are down for refurb, but not many. You also have to deal with the Brazilian tour groups.
    On the plus side your hardly ever have to wait in a queue.
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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    Mid-May before Memorial Day. Weather is normally good and crowds are light.

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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    I like going in either October or March. I prefer times of the year when it is a bit cooler and when the crowds are much lighter.
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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    May is our favorite time to go. Nice way to start off some much needed warm weather. Usually stay 7-8 days. Would love to do a longer trip though. We like the beginning of September too.
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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    I've gone four times in early February in order to attend a conference that occurs there each year. it can be a bit chilly especially if the wind is blowing, but the lack of crowds is great. light crowds at the resorts, light crowds for dining and light crowds in the parks, the recipe for success in my mind. just remember layers, layers, layers.

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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    I like going in early May during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. The first time I went during this time was in 2000 and I loved it!

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    Re: Favorite time in the "World"?

    We have only been in January and October. October is great but with more school systems having fall breaks the crowds are growing. The weather is great. Upper 80s to low 90s so you can still enjoy the pools and water parks.
    January is a weather **** shoot. We have been before and wore shorts & t-shirts all week and have been when we wore jackets all week. Very small crowds. Very small lines for the water rides. As was stated above, there are more attractions down for refurbs so that is a drawback. But I love getting to the MK and walking back in Frontierland and being the only ones on the street. We ride BTMRR as many times as we want without wait!! And if it's cold, Slash Mountain is all yours!!!
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