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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Magic Express question in the Vacation Planning forums; I would like to head back down to Walt Disney World this summer with a friend. We are flying out of different cities and therefore on different flights. If we ...
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    Magic Express question

    I would like to head back down to Walt Disney World this summer with a friend. We are flying out of different cities and therefore on different flights. If we are staying in the same room, would we both be able to get Magical Express at separate times? Or would we have to meet and the airport and go together? Thanks for your help!
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    Re: Magic Express question

    I think this is doable. You would just have to call ahead to Magical Express and let them know you will be arriving at different times to ensure that both names are listed. I would also make sure that both names are listed on your hotel reservation as well (given that Magic Express is tied to hotel reservations).

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    Re: Magic Express question

    You would just give them your flight information and the other person's flight information. I would be sure that they mail it to the appropriate house before hand.

    That should work. In fact I went in 06 with two other people and we all flew from different places. We wanted to ride together so we met up at the airport but we could have met up at the hotel with no problem.

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    Re: Magic Express question

    As mentioned above, the call ahead and I'm sure it can be worked out. But, if both of your flights land not too far apart (I guess around under an hour apart) the first person could probably just wait for the second and schedule the Magical Express time for when the 2nd arrives.
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