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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Fantasyland Openings in the Vacation Planning forums; hey everyone! My best friend and I are crazy about Disney (which is rare considering we are 18 and all our friends make fun of us ) and she LOVES ...
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    Fantasyland Openings

    hey everyone!

    My best friend and I are crazy about Disney (which is rare considering we are 18 and all our friends make fun of us ) and she LOVES Disney princesses! So we are so pumped for the expansion of fantasyland! I read on the disney blog that they are opening it up in chunks. We were wondering if disney will release the dates when the different attractions will open so we can plan our trip around it. We went down last september and were lucky enough to be some of the first guests at La Hacienda and it was so remarkable and adds some extra magic! Also, is there any way we could get tickets to attend the opening party?


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    Re: Fantasyland Openings

    The dates are always a little flexible. I expect there'll be some soft openings of the attractions. Keep an eye on the projected opening dates and remember they could be a moving target.

    What you might want to do is plan multiple trips down so you can be sure to give yourself enough opportunities to be a part of the festivities


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    Re: Fantasyland Openings

    Some people are like Slinkies.

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    Re: Fantasyland Openings

    Nice article and thanks for sharing HauntedGabe.

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    Re: Fantasyland Openings

    Great article!
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