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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Need ideas on how to surprise DD! in the Vacation Planning forums; For details, read my pre-trip report, but the short version is that I am taking DD on a mommy and daughter trip at the end of January. Just the two ...
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    Need ideas on how to surprise DD!

    For details, read my pre-trip report, but the short version is that I am taking DD on a mommy and daughter trip at the end of January. Just the two of us, yippee! DD will be 6.5 at the time of our trip.

    One thing I don't think I mentioned in my pre-trip is that DD doesn't know about this! I am planning on surprising her. Only I'm not sure how. It can't be the morning of, because I think we are going to stay at my mom's house the night before, which is closer to the airport, so she'll know something is up. Plus, I want my DH to be there for the surprise, so probably the day before we leave will be best. That will be a Friday and she will be at school all day so maybe a dinner surprise?!?

    What should we do and how should we do it?!? I don't want to buy her a Disney backpack because she won't use it after the trip and I don't want to spend the money on it. I could just get a bag and fill it with Disney stuff, snacks, and stuff for her to do on the plane. Hmmmmm.

    What else?!?
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    Read my pre-trip report!

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    Re: Need ideas on how to surprise DD!

    Well a few ideas for the pre-trip actvities are djinning up a Mommy & Maddie trip t-shirt (use power point for graphics and computer printed irons ons) fairly inexpensive and you can make a production of telling here you have special clothes for your to wear on her big trip showing the the shirt the night before when you have your DH and Mom there.

    The regular bag with disney stuff and things to keep her occupied is a solid idea.

    I recommend making a Maddie and Mommy fun calendar with big block show the morning afternoon and evening of each day you will be there. You can use it to let her be part of the planning the fun on the plane and each day the the parks. You can write in where you want to go and what to see, lunch, dinner etc. Keeping it simple lets her play a role in planning the fun and let's you provide a little order to the trip (i did this for a friend of mine when he took his familiy it worked out pretty well).

    Do the mickey mouse wake up calls so she gets wake up call form Mickey at the start of each day, you can make a production of letting her answer the phone and think of the fun she'll have telling people Mickey called her every morning.

    Tell the front desk you are having a special mom and daughter trip, and it a fair guess you end up with a balloon or something in the room (no charge) The cast members do that a lot for special occassions

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