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I am finding this interesting because we will soon be travelling to WDW and will need to do the "kid swap" with a Seeing Eye Dog. The last time we went with the dog, we had other family members with us so if the 4 of us wanted to do something, we had help. This time we will need to do the swap.
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I actually do not know the specific policies for doing this. You should definitely go to Guest Relations first thing on your first day and get a Guest Assistance Card, which helps the random CMs know what kind of help may be needed, such as the dog needing to remain with someone as much as possible, etc. They should also be able to explain some of the steps.

Officially, a Rider Switch pass is not available for this - however, that or a Fastpass might be provided as a convenience mechanism to handle it at some attractions, or they may handle it differently - that is up to the CMs.
Oh Doc is right on spot with his advice. The Pup is treated totally different than the child swap with general guests. Indeed go get the GAC, the CM's are trained to look for that and they will go the extra mile to assist in any way possible.