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I'm sure I will eye ball it for a while. My eye will be on the anointed ones.
I also want to see if there is a review time before things post up, how those individuals answer questions, honestly or through rose colored glasses.

I want to see if the invited ones can give good advice and also give harsh criticism when it is warranted. If the invited can be candid about the good and the bad, it may work. If not, why waste your time and possibly be mislead.
Last night I tripped across what I was alluding to. If you want to post on the comment section of the official Disney Blog here is what you must agree to:
The Walt Disney Company - Terms of Use for Walt Disney Internet Group

and on the blog page they insert this:

"Comment Policy
Thanks for visiting the Disney Parks Blog.
We welcome your comments. Please
understand this is a moderated blog.
Blog comments will be reviewed prior to
posting. As a result, there will be a delay in
the posting of comments. Not all comments
will be posted. Comments maybe removed
after they are posted."

Please see terms of use. (link above)

This is what makes me wonder about both the questions and replies that will be posted on the official Disney forums.