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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss WDW for Christmas 2012 in the Vacation Planning forums; Ok, so for several years DW has been saying that she'd like to spend Christmas in WDW. I agree with her, but the thought of the huge crowds and higher ...
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    Question WDW for Christmas 2012

    Ok, so for several years DW has been saying that she'd like to spend Christmas in WDW. I agree with her, but the thought of the huge crowds and higher prices always seemed to scare me off. Well, we've experienced alot at WDW over the years but still no Christmas. After being in WDW the second week in January 2012 and seeing some of the Christmas decor for the first couple of days I think im ready.

    Going in I realize crowds are going to be like nothing we've seen before. I'll do my best to keep that in mind while planning. I hope some of you can give some pointers for WDW at Christmas and furthermore, maybe some ideas for things we can do to avoid the bedlam of the crowds.
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    Re: WDW for Christmas 2012

    I've done Christmas twice. Both times for about 2 weeks arriving a few days before Christmas and then staying after the New Year. One of the years was the new Millennium and I was fascinated with the early evening show/parade at Epcot. I can't ever remember anything as absurd as New Years Eve at Epcot for the Millennium. People everywhere, squatters having their home base of a patch of land somewhere within the gates. We stuck it out but it is one crazy memory. I do not believe that has ever happened again since the Millennium.

    Now the other Christmas was more of a traditional busy Christmas at Disney. My folks came down with us for the first week and my sister joined us for a few days at Christmas with her family. Most of the days were not really that bad. Actually I found Thanksgiving to be worse. The exception was Christmas Day at the MK. It wasn't pretty. We hopped the Monorail and headed to Epcot and it was actually pleasant! If I could suggest a few things it would be to follow the Touring Plans suggestion for the best park for a particular day. Second would be to stay the heck out of the MK on Christmas Day and New Years Eve night at the MK. In the MK on NYE it was impossible to get on any decent attraction. Space had almost a 3 hour wait and the queue wound throughout Tomorrowland. We wound up hitting everything that was a minor attraction, like the Tree, Tiki, CoP etc. When Midnight approached we started our pilgrimage out of the park. They sent us out behind the Crystal Palace. We went out to the Ferry Boat launch area and watch the fireworks from there and immediately after boarded a bus and got the heck out of dodge.

    Another thing is food. ADR's are impossible during those weeks and found the service to be awful. We either dined at our resort, POR for a table service or we did QS at the parks. For Christmas Eve dinner we ate at Chef Mickeys and it was good. For Christmas dinner we did the Hoop at Fort Wilderness. Best decision we ever made. Another good choice during that time was the dinner show on the beach at the Poly.

    We found that if we slept in while down there at Christmas, resort hopped, mini golfed, shopped, water parked or swam and went into the parks toward evening we saw so much more than we would have. Too many people hit that wall and bolt from the parks late in the evening. So when the weary are leaving that is when we were refreshed and entering. I just did a lot of that type of touring this past April and it worked pretty well.

    Also, beware, so many sit down restaurants those weeks implement the Holiday Price menu. Disney Jack's up the prices for the Holiday weeks, just cause they can. Doesn't matter if you are on the dining plan but without it, sticker shock.
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    Re: WDW for Christmas 2012

    If you are not to concerned about the time frame, Disney puts the decorations up pretty early. Right after Thanksgiving I have heard is the best time to go. I went on the 23rd one year and it was jammed, but not having the summer heat made the crowds more tolerable. The time I was there the weather was colder than usual and it made the light show even more special.

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    Re: WDW for Christmas 2012

    December is my wife and I's favorite time to go to Disney World! It makes the happiest place on earth even better! However, like the post above, I'd recommend going a few weeks before Christmas. The parks will be fully decked out in their Christmas decorations, you will have wonderful weather and you won't have to deal with the crowds. In fact the first couple weeks in December actually have light crowds compared to several other months throughout the year!

    I hope you enjoy your trip!

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