Hello there, I will be travelling with my DBF in October and have been to WDW many times (this is trip 22 for me and his 2nd). On our second day, a wednesday, we will be doing the Keys to the Kingdom tour at 830am and then I suspect we are free for the afternoon/evening with the exception of our ADR at Tony's for 730. I am wondering if there are suggestions as to how best to make use of our afternoon and evening (with no children). Do we attack the E-tickets or go land by land? Keeping in mind we are there for 7 days and have ample time to return. However since this will be our first full day and for all purposes DBF's first visit.... it should be packed with WOW! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'd love to see some suggested itineraries since it has been quite a while since I have been to The World. Also, I am 29 and he is 37 (if that will influence suggestions). I really want to amp up the WOW factor for my somewhat hesitant/reluctant love.