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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss November Vacation in the Vacation Planning forums; Hey Guys, Taking my first trip to WDW for 10 years in November (1st till the 15th) and wondered if anyone had some info on what I should expect with ...
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    November Vacation

    Hey Guys,

    Taking my first trip to WDW for 10 years in November (1st till the 15th) and wondered if anyone had some info on what I should expect with crowds and weather...

    will it be too cold to visit the water parks?

    Any help will be much appreciated!!

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    Re: November Vacation

    Lived in Florida for 32 years. All I can tell you is that they've actually had some relatively cold winters the last few years.

    November is usually mild to hot, but who knows? It could possibly be cool enough to rule out the water parks, but normally it isn't.

    Crowds at that time of the year are usually small.

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    Re: November Vacation

    The crowds are pretty low at the beginning of November. I'd hit every E ticket or slow loading attraction you can through the 8th of November. Veterans Day is a school holiday which also ties into many parent teacher conference days/week and grading days off.We frequently pulled our kids from school at that time because they'd miss few actual school days and the crowds were very low.

    The Halloween party is over and most of your time is before the debeaute of the Christmas performances so that first week you should skate through the parks. Note you should be able to see Osborne at DHS. You will have the MK close very early on Nov. 2, for the Halloween party and it will also close early on Nov. 9, 12 and 15th for the Christmas Party so plan accordingly. Also on Veterans weekend, 8-11th is two major golf classics happening on Disney property. The golfers and their families arrive a day or two early and stay through the tournaments. We have noticed through the years they really bump up attendance plus we noted celebraties through the years with the DAC passes which add to the wait times. Annoying.

    My other advice is to avoid Epcot at night Friday through Sunday during Food and Wine as it attracts many guests and local guests in hordes. If you are going to Food and Wine which I highly recommend, I'd do it Monday thru Thurs. Food and Wine ends Nov. 12th.

    Come the end of your trip you will see the attendance come up somewhat for the holiday and everyone who has been waiting for the opening of the Fantasyland expansion (preview) to come online November 18th likely to start arriving.

    Your first week should be great!
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    Re: November Vacation

    We usually try to go every year in November or early December to see the parks during Christmas. Agree with a poster earlier who said that the last couple of years have been extremely cold. A couple of years ago, we were dealing with temps in the 30s!!!! Having said that, this past November was perfect, 70s in the day and 50s at night. Bottom line is be ready for anything, and keep an eye on the forecasts as trip time gets close.

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