Hi all first time poster to the blog, long time follower of WDW Radio and Disney nut! My family and I are driving for the first time to Disney from Philadelphia this coming November. We are frequent visitors to the house of mouse but this will be the first time we spend more than 3 hours getting there. I will try and keep this short. I think going down we have pretty much everything covered from games, to suprises to stops. I am more worried about the dreaded ride home. This visit will be a short trip, Thurs-Monday in disney. Since its a short trip we want to get the most out of it. We are haning back pretty much all day Monday with reservations to eat in MK and so we won't hit the road till 5-6pm Monday night.

My question is the drive home and staying. I am hopeful that we can drive till 10-11pm and thats where we will stop and rest our tired and abused bodies in a hotel. Are there any suggestions as to where to stop along the way. Clean hotels but not off the path and suggestion to where to stop? My wife is a clean freak so the hotel can't be a by the road side 29.99 room. But we aren't going to hang there, just sleeping and then breakfast and back out for the long drive all day tuesday.