We are in need of help planning our latest trip to WDW. We have a window of time in January 2014. We have one goal when looking at dates - find the dates with lowest crowds. I have already searched these forums for experiences during these times. I found some bad crowd experiences for MLK weekend 2013.

We have two options in terms of dates. These two options may give or take a day in either direction on the calendar, meaning we could shift the date by a day forward/backward or lose one day on the trip. These options are directly below and can also be found highlighted on a crowd calendar at the bottom of this post.

Jan. 4 - 11 (Yellow highlighted block of dates)
Jan. 11 - 18 or 19 (Red highlighted block dates)

Concerns regarding the Jan. 4-11 visit would be that this is right after the new years holiday and visitors may extend their trip a few days (4-6). Also, the 11th is the half marathon so basically Jan. 5-11 may have big crowds due to the marathon. I have no idea what this half marathon week is like.

Concerns regarding the Jan. 11-18/19 would be MLK weekend likely begins on Friday Jan 17 - Jan 20. I have read horror stories regarding MLK weekend. The later end of our trip can possibly include two to three days of MLK weekend.

In your experience, if your goal is to find days with minimal crowds, which block of dates would you pick:
  • Jan. 4-11
  • Jan. 11-18/19