So, I'm crazy and booked a trip to run in the Wine and Dine 1/2 for a girls trip!!

DH is a Texas HS football coach and that timing is just baaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd for him. I'm talking to my parents about taking my kiddo at the same time as a result.

The tentative plan would be is my friend and I meet my parents at the airport and pass the kid off to them. Dad is retired Army so mom mentioned staying at Shades of Green. My question is if for some crazy reason they can't get a flight around the same time could the kiddo ride Magical Express with us to the hotel? She's 3.

If she DOES go with us I'll upgrade our tickets this summer to both an AP for the kiddo and I. In that case should I put her "in" the room with my friend and I so that if needed she can do the ME with us even though she'd be with my mom and dad at a different resort?