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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Am I crazy? in the Vacation Planning forums; Ok, so I know the week we are going is crazy (12/25-1/2). I am not expecting to do it all, and will remain flexible. Here are my questions. 1. Is ...
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    Am I crazy?

    Ok, so I know the week we are going is crazy (12/25-1/2). I am not expecting to do it all, and will remain flexible. Here are my questions.

    1. Is it really that bad or are some of the horror stories just people who did not plan well?

    2. If parks do close all the way the way to phase 4, being a resort guest with an ADR am I guaranteed entrance? I think I know the answer so at what point with an ADR am i allowed in the park during the Phase Closures?

    3. Is renting a car worth it. I like to be able to go at my own pace. I have done WDW transportation and honestly feel like I get to places faster driving my own car. My concern is the stories of cars back up in line miles long by 9am on most days this week.

    4. Are there any good strategies for FP+ or how to tackle the parks. We will be there for 7 days and plan on spending 2 days in each park except for AK still only a 1/2 day park for me.

    Please help a Disney Dad who wants to make this trip a happy memory and not a nightmare.

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    Re: Am I crazy?

    It's not good. You can look up calendars online and no matter what calendar you look at this is the week they usually warn you to stay away. If you're dead set on going that week I'd invest in a Touring Plans subscription to use their crowd calendar to try and best plan which days you will go to which parks, but know that any day that week is going to be a claustrophobic nightmare at Magic Kingdom, not much better at Epcot or Hollywood Studios due to Osborne Lights.

    If the park does happen to reach a Phase 4 closure, you may very well be denied admission -even with a ADR- so you would want to get to the park where your reservation is ASAP if you even suspect a Phase 4 closure is possible.

    Renting a car might be an advantage if you are the type of family that like to get up and at it early in the morning. Other wise, yes traffic backs up and parking lots will close as the parks get busier. Disney transportation however wouldn't be much better in that case I believe, so I'd say it was a cr@p shoot...

    The way I've heard FP+ described, is you'll want to get your 3 reservations for as early in the day as you can so you would be eligible for additional FP's later in the day. A FP might be tempting for Illuminations on a crowd heavy day, but you'd want to avoid it because you wouldn't be able to get any more FP's until you'd used your 3 advanced reservations.... At this time of year though, I'm not too sure it would matter. I'd say in a book your tier 1 attraction early in the day and run to another tier 1 attraction at rope drop to avoid massive lines then use your FP after that. That might be the only way you could do multiple "premier" attractions.

    I think you can make it work, but be patient, be prepared to get up really early, hit the ground running and don't get too upset if you can't do everything you'd hoped to do.
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    Re: Am I crazy?

    StewbotTalborg is pretty accurate on most everything. That's all some good advice. The only thing I'd suggest slightly different is the FP+ situation. Dont expect great things from that "extra FP". We've had two different magicband trips now and every time we went to get that Tier 1 attraction after using up our 3 it was never available but Illuminations always was available mainly cause you can see that all around the water. An ounce of preparation really pays off here. Research wait times and dont just schedule FP's for your favorite rides. We found out that waiting in line for that extra FP was worse than waiting in line for Soarin. Once you get through the line and schedule your next FP, you're waiting again in the FP line to then ride the ride.
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