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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss may vs. june in the Vacation Planning forums; I need some advise from people who would know. I am planning my trip. My family can't go until may because of my husbands work schedule. I am leaning toward ...
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    may vs. june

    I need some advise from people who would know. I am planning my trip. My family can't go until may because of my husbands work schedule. I am leaning toward going the week before memorial day(so that we would not be there for memorial day) but I am a little reluctant to take my daughter out of school for a week. If we wait, we will go the last week of June. How much worse are the crowds in late June and how much hotter is it?

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    If I had a choice I would chose the May option here. A little cooler and slightly less on the crowds because most are still in school.

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    Agreed with may... unless you like it hot and sticky and packed in like sardines!!!

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    I agree with May. It was a great time to go with few crowds and nice weather. June can be pretty hot and from what I hear pretty crowded.

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    I have been there in June and it is NUTS. Hot, crowded, etc. May would be much better I think in terms of crowds, but yes, do weigh that against removing your child from school. If you choose to do that, just try to let the school know as soon as you can, and try to prepare her as much as possible. I actually have my kids collect work for the week when we take them out of school, and we do that while travelling-plane, cars, waiting for our food at a restaurant, etc.
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    I also say do May. I took my two out of school last year and it worked out great. I told their teachers several times during the school year to remind them and we just took their homework with them.I just alotted two hours out of the day for homework and we were down there for 10 days.


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    I've gone in May twice in past years, and went in June in 2004. The crowds were tiny in May; we went after I had finished High School and the after I had graduated from College. Both of the May trips were before Memorial Day, it was well worth it to go at this time.

    June, on the other hand, was very hot and the crowds were much bigger, but not gigantic. If you don't mind the heat, you could go during June, because it's one of the best months to soak in the pool and hit up the water parks.

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    I've been in May twice and it is a GREAT time to go. Weather is nice, not very rainy, and you never have to wait in a line thats more than 15 minutes!!
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