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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss youngest age? in the Vacation Planning forums; what's the youngest you would recommend taking a child, knowing that they might not be able to go again (unless we won the lottery)? How old do they have to ...
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    youngest age?

    what's the youngest you would recommend taking a child, knowing that they might not be able to go again (unless we won the lottery)?

    How old do they have to be to remember it?
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    In my own opinion, I would say you should take them when they're old enough to enjoy the magic. Too young, and they won't remember it. I would say they should be... ummmm.... 5?
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    Around age 7 would also be a good age. Might be able to remember a little more. Five is good also but might remember more if you waited a few more years.

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    I remember a few things from DL when I was a little under 4 but not very much. I don't have any solid memories until I was about 6.

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    I was 4 my first time.. I have some of my earliest memories from that trip...

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    I was a little over 2 the first time that I went and I have memories of it. I think it just depends on the child. We took our oldest his first time when he was 2 1/2 and he remembers things from that trip. I was amazed with the things that he remembered when we went back when he was 3. I know that a lot of people say to wait until the are older, but there is nothing like experiencing WDW with a little one. I have the look on my Son's face when he first stepped on to Main Street engraved in my memory!

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    I was 7 my first time, seemed like a good age. I only remembered a little when I went back 10 years later.
    We took our oldest DD when she was 3. Great age because they get right into everything. When we went last year our oldest was 8 and our youngest was 2. In my opinion 2 is too young. Get overwhelmed too easily. Our 8 year old saw a zipper on the back of Chip and the whole "age of not believing" started.

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    My parental units took me for my first trip at the tender age of 3. I remember very little, and most of what I do remember is what I recall seeing in the photographs during later years.

    I made my second trip when I was about 7, and to this day it remains one of my most memorable trips ever.

    If you seriously forsee bringing a child only once in the next several years... I'd say it's probably best to wait until they are about 5-7. If you had the funds to make multiple trips, I'd say age 3-4 for trip #1, and then again in the 5-7 range (or even more often if you can!!!).
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    I think about 5 would be a good age for a child, to remember a trip to WDW, especially if you take a lot of pictures and/or video and look at/watch them regularly from then on.
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    i was 8 on my first trip. we're planning on taking our daughter at roughly 3 1/2.

    a buddy of mine took his daughter at 3, and he says that she enjoyed it, and still talks about it, 3 years later.

    i think it depends on the child and the trip. if i took a 4 year old, and did nothing but sat in the room and watched TV, i don't think they'd remember as much as a 2 year old who experienced all the fun stuff (using an extreme example).

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    I went when i was like 3, dont rememebr it, but at 7, i could probably tell you what i had for breakfast each day we were there. (i can remember that, but not enough algebra to pass a test!) My sister went when she was 8, but mi cousin when she was 2. it really just depends. if your children are carzy like my sister, and they think :mickey: isnt real, you just might want to take them around age 5. but if not, seven would also work!
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    I went the first time when I was 6 I remember so stuff then when I was older and went back it came back to me quick accept the fact that when I when back Epcot was there. I wait unitl my youngest was 7 to take her and sister to the parks. So I say around 6 or 7 I think by then you won't be so limited to what you can and cannot ride plus at that age they usually don't require a nap and there also no stroller to push around.


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