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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Is January a good time? in the Vacation Planning forums; We are going to Disney World January 4-10, and were unaware that the marathon and the health fair were going on at this time. We are staying at Pop Century. ...
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    Unhappy Is January a good time?

    We are going to Disney World January 4-10, and were unaware that the marathon and the health fair were going on at this time. We are staying at Pop Century. Which we understand is close to the Wide World of Sports complex. The plane tickets have already been purchased, so there is no changing dates. Shouold we expect a large crowd for this time of year? Did we make a mistake? Should we try to change resorts? I have visions of marathon runners going through my head. Along with long lines at the food court and busses. Please tell me this is not a big deal.

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    Hi Wannabetigger,
    I'm not sure about the marathon, I've never been there for that. I can tell you that when my mom & I took my sister down there for her college program in January, there were no lines anywhere! It was really nice. I think it was the second week though. You may still have the Christmas/New Year's crowd there with you. If that's the case, it will be crowded. I went one year from Christmas & I couldn't move! I am actually going down the 7th of Jan., so I'll be there a couple of the same days as you.
    I hope this information has helped a little bit. I'm sure some of these experts here know more about the marathon though.
    Good Luck!
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    Nothing really to worry about. The crowds will be small in the park. All the runners will be running around property. Expect busses to run a little slower the day of the race.

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    I've been a couple of times during the marathon. I've always thought the crowds were very small and I think itís neat to see the runners going through the parks. Everyone cheers them on! It's also neat to see the runners the next couple of days in the parks. Many of them wear there medals and are really nice to talk to about the event!

    We've always had a great experience going during the marathon time, and I would recommend this time.
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    January is one of our FAVORITE times to go. NO LINES ANYWHERE! The only down side is that it can sometimes be a little nippy. Be sure you pack for any extreme. It might be 70 one day and 40 the next. Being from Indiana though, 40 in January is balmy .

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