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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss First stop when you get to WDW??? in the Vacation Planning forums; We tend to have a dinner night at Hoop de do revue. Great place to start off the week...
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    We tend to have a dinner night at Hoop de do revue. Great place to start off the week
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    This has been inactive a while and is a great topic, so hopefully I'll start it back up again. I love reading what other people's traditions are!

    We always stay at the Pop Century, and arrive at about 3:00 PM. We unpack and relax for a while (we drive 1900 miles from South Dakota, that's right I said DRIVE), next take a walk around Hourglass Lake, eat dinner at the Food Court and go swimming. Our arrival day is our day to recoup after are long trip. I am all about traditions, so almost everyday of our trip has something special that we must do. We go to the MK the first full day we are there, and always ride the Magic Carpets first thing, and eat lunch from Casey's and take our food to Adventureland by Aloha Isle.

    *And my family's MOST special tradition. On our first day, when we go to MK, right by the Magic Carpets is a little place where a pole used to be in the ground. The first time I went to WDW I was 12, and right as we were leaving after the fireworks on our last day, my dad looked down and said "we'll meet right here a year from today, I promise." And every year since then, the first thing we do is meet at the spot and remember his promise to us
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    ALWAYS: catch the 6 a.m. flight out of Austin arriving Orlando 11:04 a.m., head straight to resort, check bags if room is not ready, check out the room if it is ready, then straight to EPCOT for a ride on Spaceship Earth (my absolute favorite) before lunch at Coral Reef.

    The ONLY exceptions to this tradition: (1) used to have arrival lunch at Akershus before the change to characther meals, and (2) if I fly out after work for a long weekend and arrive at midnight.
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    We drive a 7 hour drive. So we usually get there around evening time. Usually we head straight for DTD and go eat dinner at the rainforest and just relax.

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    We always take the first flight out of Chicago so we get to the resort around 11:30-12 p.m. It doens't matter where we stay, we head straight to Kona for lunch. Then it's off to the Magic Kingdom we go.

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    Last time we arrived mid afternoon and headed to Epcot for Mexican food, margaritas and a few rides before IllumiNations. Was a great way to start and may well become a tradition.

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    After a 17hr flight(actually 2 flights)over from Oz we can't wait to get started so we head to MK then onto Chef Mickey's for dinner and back to MK (last time we stayed in the park until 2am closing). It's a long day but kids sleep well and wake ready to go on the first full day...

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    We always head for the MK and onto the TTA, then to SM.

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    my pass two times when it's just been my sister and myself, we start off by going on SSE just to prepare ourselves. then we go on journey into the imagination to get us in that little kid/disney mind set.

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    We usually arrive in the afternoon. Our family members are real creatures of habit. Checking in consists of literally tossing the bags in the corner of the room and then it's off to MAGIC KINGDOM!!!! Must do no matter what . Usually POC first but never, never leave before HM. Twice if possible!

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    Our first stop is always MGM...we really only like TOT AND RNRC. So we always go and see our family that works there, ride those 2 rides a few times and then head to DTD for some lunch and then normally head to MK! What can I say....we love packing as much as we can into one

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    When we get the (me and my family) we check into our hotel. Usually off site. Then we just relax there cause we usually get there at arund 4 or 5 Then we get up at 8 the next morning and get ready 2 go to disney!
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    at home
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    last time... we left KY at like 7pm and arrived at like 1-2pm the next day at all start sports.. we got all eleven people checked in and 3 cars unloaded...LOL
    they had 2 out of 3 rooms ready so we got all the stuff packed in and then they had our room ready and we got our stuff in out room.. well we showered up after that LONG ride with all the bodies in the car...LOL it was funky! then we crashed out.. well the lil ones woke up quick and wanted to go go go!! of course were at WDW.. so i got up and walked them around the hotel... then they were hungry... so we went back to the room and coached everyone up because the kids were hungry... well we headed over to downtown disney and walked around.. of course my hubby being the picky eater.. would eat anywhere and all the places he would eat you had to have a resv. for to get in... so we went back to the hotel and ate there..

    well this time its only brent, tayen and me.... and i have it all figure out now!

    i'm leaving earlier than 7pm the night before.. LOL were not taking his mom who has to stop to pee like every 5 mins.. so hopefully it wont take us as long to get there.. i would like to leave so earlier that we can stop in a beach town and spend the night and go to the beach the day of the 29th then get to our hotel at like 3-4pm then head to downtown disney about 6 or 7 for a dinner at planet hollywood.. back to the room to wake refreashed for Brkfst with the princess in Epcot where we will spend all day.. as i have never been there before... hubby has years and years ago!
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