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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss HELP... Easter crowds? in the Vacation Planning forums; HELP! We are Disney vets in March & summer months. We are booked for March 2007, but we may have to change plans for Easter week 2007 instead. We always ...
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    Question HELP... Easter crowds?

    We are Disney vets in March & summer months.
    We are booked for March 2007, but we may have to change plans for Easter week 2007 instead.
    We always have all ADR's booked & plan for early entry mornings...BUT have no idea what crowds will be like!
    Can you please help?
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    We have been there at several different times of the year and Easter is the one time we will never be going back for. We went for 10 days in 2002 starting on Thursday through the following Saturday and it was also Spring Break time being most schools have off the week before or after Easter. I think the crowds were worse than when we were there in the summer months. We tried to go to MK on Easter day, along with everyone else, and when we saw the crowds pouring in we got on the monarail and went to Epcot. The crowds were definatley less, but quickly filled up. We went to TT first and the fastpass return time was already up to 8pm. The more popular rides had wait times of 75 to 90 minutes. On several days the parks actually closed due to crowds, but if you are staying on property I believe they will still let you in. We were unable to get on the monarail one day without showing our cards. Overall we had a good time and did most of what we wanted to do. I have never been there during Christmas so I don't know what those crowds are like but in my opinion if you could avoid Easter time I would recommend it! We have found the best times to go lately are May and September.

    Good Luck and have a great time!!!

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    Easter is the time we always went to WDW, so that was pretty much all we knew. The crowds were heavy but it didn't matter that much to us because we knew that was the only time of year we could go, until 2 years ago, when we went for a couple days in January. Well then of couse we had something to compare it with and needless to say it was 2 totally different experiences. All that being said, Yes, it's very crowded but we always got done what we wanted to do, your a veteran so you know how to work the parks
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    We go every year at Easter. The crowds the fews days before Easter are usually minimal until Saturday morning. Seems like the majority of the people arrive Friday night. You have to avoid MK on Easter Sunday, it is a mad house. We just booked our dinners last week, and got everything we wanted, including dinner at the castle. The best time to cruise around the parks is at night during sprink break. There are so many families with small children that they pack it in early, and we have the parks to ourselves. Plans your days by the EMH and you'll get more "less crowded" times than you'd think. This year we spent Sunday morning at MK only till about 11 when the park really started to get busy, then we headed off to Epcot and it was empty. Even with the Flower and Garden show going on, there were no waits on the rides.

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    I've been on Easter and the croeds where pretty bad
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