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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss Account deleted! in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; As the title says - VMK has deleted my account just because I didn't log in for a while! How could they? Why did they do that? Does it cause ...
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    Account deleted!

    As the title says - VMK has deleted my account just because I didn't log in for a while! How could they? Why did they do that? Does it cause them expenses to keep my game data on their server? I'm really sad and angry about that. I had so much stuff that I could be proud of in VMK, even bat magic and a quest kiosk. And they deleted it all! This shows how "friendly" Disney really is... they don't know what sadness they trigger and I guess they don't even care! I did nothing wrong, I didn't pester anybody, I just didn't log in for a while!!!

    What do I do now? Is there any possibility to get my stuff back? I really don't want to start over again! And though I know it's just virtual and it's just a game and all of its content is just some pixels, I am really really sad because it took me a long time and patience to earn those virtual credits and to collect all the stuff...
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    As stated in several newsletters there is no way to get your stuff back.

    I am sorry this happened to you but we have been warned several times that if you don't log in your account will be deleted. Also it is around a 6 month time period of not logging in if I am not mistaken.
    6 months is a long time to not log in, after all the staff warnings you should have just took 2 minutes and logged yourself in every once and while to stay active.

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    6 months is correct - to the day in fact.

    Sorry your account has been deleted, I know how much I have worked to build my little character up. If even for a minute I thought about not playing VMK anymore, I would still find time once a month to log in to keep the account active.

    The reason they gave for deleting inactive accounts was that SO many people were creating mule accounts to simply get the credits, and then would abandon the avatars - therefore taking up alot of dead space in the database.

    I know myself have created MANY mule accounts and I am only just 1 person - multiply my many mules times hundreds or thousands of players equals quite alot of abandoned accounts...

    Again I am sorry your account was deleted - If I am not mistaken they reset everything except your credit total, is that right?
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