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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss Retiring from the team and DWT. in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; I have to admit Tampa, I remember when you first showed up on DWT. You seemed a little rough around the edges for a typical Disney fan, and some of ...
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    I have to admit Tampa, I remember when you first showed up on DWT. You seemed a little rough around the edges for a typical Disney fan, and some of your first few posts were just crude enough to make me wonder how long you would last here. I was a little nervous, to be completely honest, and I know I wasn't the only one who shared those feelings. But in seemingly no time at all, you were everybody's best friend, a unique breath of fresh air, and a playful kick in the seat of the pants to this community. I think everyone really came to their senses right away, and realized that you made it so much more fun to hang out here.

    I realize we haven't really talked much other than maybe replying to one another's threads here and there, and not hardly as much as your VMK posse anyway, but I gained a lot of respect for you as I slowly got to know your style and the man behind the username. I guess I never realized just how much you meant to this community until I saw the thread here saying that you were done with it. All of my initial concerns regarding you fitting in here went right out the window, and I was actually scared that you might be leaving for real. All I could think about was "Tampa CANNOT leave DWT! We NEED him!" So much for not fitting in, huh?

    And then a wonderful thing happened. The community came together, and in an impressive showing of heart and determination, managed to reach back there and hang onto you, not letting you slip and fall away from us. Even though I'm certainly not the closest guy to you on this board, I still felt the powerful emotion behind each and every post the rest of these guys and gals sent out to you. If I was in WDW right now I'd call it a magic moment. But call it what you wish, this thread has been emotionally awesome.

    Tampa - Now that I know you better, I'm glad you're here, and that you're staying. I wouldn't want it any other way. Welcome back, Buddy.

    To the rest of the DisneyWorldTrivia community - You guys are the best. You rock. Every last one of you. I've never felt so attached to an online community before in my life. This is more than a community. It's a family.
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    Wow Don! I'm completely speechless! You are the man dude, that really touched my heart and just know if there's anything I could do for you brother, please don't hesitate as I'll be just a post/pm away.

    And you're absolutely right, though in the beginning I didn't care about any repricussions my zannyness had, today, I'm so very thankful to be a part of this community and to be accepted. Thank you to Don, and all of you reading.

    Good times! Now to go meet some DWT gals! Have a good thursday everybody!

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    Tampa, I have just been reading these last five pages and I am glad to see you are staying! We haven't talked very much but your posts and threads have always made me smile! You have seen how many people here care about you and anyone will lend an ear and listen, please put me on that list too.
    Take care. Hope everything works out for you and prayers to your brother.
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