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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss Danger DLR Visitors!!! in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; Hey all if you're going to Disneyland anytime soon for the new Animator's desk be really careful because there have been reports of people getting the Ace of Spades carpet ...
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    Danger DLR Visitors!!!

    Hey all if you're going to Disneyland anytime soon for the new Animator's desk be really careful because there have been reports of people getting the Ace of Spades carpet instead of the desk. Which might give us some insight on how they do some of their coding, but besides that, below is the story of Clusty who tells their version of the story and also it seems that our very own King has been affected, look to them for more info. I hope vmk fixes this soon.

    The very short version: Yes, right now The Animation Desk = The Ace of Spades carpet rug. It is true. It is not a rumor.

    If someone offers to trade you an Animation Desk in the next day or so, require that they trade you the actual item, not the code. The codes are generating Ace of Spades carpet rugs.

    How I know (aka, the long version): I was at DCA and Disneyland today. I received cards for The Animation Desk. They began handing them out in the afternoon.


    Later in the evening I was at VMK Central at Disneyland. For those of you who do not know Disneyland is less than a five minute walk from DCA. I signed on to vmk to say hi to some friends. I decided to first enter an Animation Desk code and place it in one of my rooms. The following message was generated: "You have used a code to receive a virtual prize: the Ace of Spades carpet. You will be the envy of the kingdom."


    I found a vmk central staff person and explained the situation. She asked if I had another desk code that I had not entered. I did. She and I entered it together. I received another Ace of Spades carpet. We looked in my inventory, hoping it was just the message that was wrong. I had two new ace of spades carpets.

    She and several others in VMK Central attempted to get answers. They were unable to. They attempted to provide me with new cards. At that time, they were unable to (due to the fact that all of the cards are over at DCA, where there was a special event taking place). They DID say that they sent an e-mail to the person that handles these types of issues and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

    They said that they did not know at that time if:
    1) the cards that had been issued to anyone today would eventually work and it was just a programming error that needed to be fixed so that the codes awarded the proper item, or
    2) the ace of spades in my inventory would change to an Animators Desk (doubtful, imho), or
    3) if all cards would be recalled and new ones would need to be issued (which they admitted was not fair to those who travelled any distance and happened to receive an Animators Desk today).

    They did send an e-mail to the appropriate people asking for a note to be placed on the vmk home page stating not to enter any codes from Animation Desk cards that may have been received thus far until it is announced that the problem has been fixed (so ppl do not end up with Ace of Spades instead, like I did).

    I must say, they were helpful in attempting to find answers and interested in trying to make things right, but they were not able to fix anything or provide any answers as they are not the team who handles the programming side of the game. They also shared that it is a bit difficult with the cards being handed out in DCA where there are no computers and that the staff in VMK Central has no animation desk cards since they are given out at DCL.

    Side mini-rant: Let's hope this gets fixed quickly. I don't understand how this happens and why the cards are promoted before the items are properly available. Wouldn't it make sense to test one code off of an actual card just to make sure prior to handing them out to the public that the right items is received in the inventory? I wonder what happened and how it will be fixed? Is it truly something as simple as pointing the batch of codes towards a particular item in the vmk database? Out of everything I know about computers, programming is not included. I do wonder though - is Ace of Spades the first vmk item alphabetically? If so, it would seem that maybe the fix is something as simple as the right person going into an item listing and re-assigning the batch of codes to the right item. Maybe???

    Conclusion: Just know, for now, if you have Animator Desk Cards, hold on to those codes. I would not enter them just yet, as advised by the staff at vmk central upon receiving Ace of Spades rugs for my Desk codes.

    Hope the above makes sense. Ask away if you have any questions.

    Just looking out for everyone,

    P.S. Mods, I dont know how this works, but maybe this can become a temporary sticky so that this important information remains towards the top and people dont get scammed with codes. Just a thought....
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    Thanks for the heads up Ace - Good info to have here
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    Just to test the theory of "what happens if you enter a code for Ace of Spades" I've entered a few today and to my surprise!!!! I got ace of spades carpets.

    Correction: Checked my inventory tonight and guess what? 2 sets of Animators desks! Woo Woo....too bad I only entered 2 .
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