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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss Help me if you can in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; For some reason everytime that I try to play the pirate game it never works. I saw that the stuff it gives are really neat and I was wondering if ...
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    Help me if you can

    For some reason everytime that I try to play the pirate game it never works. I saw that the stuff it gives are really neat and I was wondering if the next time that you played the game if you could get one or two extra pirate codes for me. This would be greatly appreciated and I will make sure to find a way to pay back on VMK. Thank you.

    (If you have any codes I can get just PM me) Thanks
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    do you just get stuck in the third room? if you do try this link:
    then after you play it the first time and enter the code, just press the little helm at the right bottom corner instead of replunder the site and you just do it again.
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    I do not have codes to give up - but I do have plenty of prize items that I would be happy to share - come find me in the game tomorrow - and I will give you a few sets of stuff.

    I am thinking that since we do not know what a code is until it is entered - not many people will be willing to hand over unused codes - You never know if you are handing over that Sparrow suit.

    I will be happy to share my pirate loot - you can usually find me in Ranch's Quest Lobby.

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    "Help me get a suit if you can".. if that minor detail in the thread title were added, I think the thread would be much more to the point, and alot less irritating. Knowing this site they would be more than happy to help you out if we all knew you'd hook us up back, but I don't see that happening (especially in numbers) for a bunch of pirate junk. So I gotta close this up. I do recomend, however, other spots on the net that focus on gifting to help your odds, but like us, they'll probably be more than willing to give up failed attempts.

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