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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss Congratulations Cruiselinefan in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; i was just checking vmk web site, bc i had nothing better to do and ... hey i recognize that name: Jungle Cruise 1. CL_DocHT 65,077 2. LittleDragonErin 64,970 3. ...
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    Thumbs up Congratulations Cruiselinefan

    i was just checking vmk web site, bc i had nothing better to do and ...

    hey i recognize that name:
    1. Jungle Cruise
    2. 1. CL_DocHT 65,077
    3. 2. LittleDragonErin 64,970
    4. 3. cruiselinefan

      i didnt knew if anyone noticed that but i just wanted to create a post to congratulate her for the good job on jungle cruise game

      Ya know how to steer that boat girl!
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    Big congrats here! I can't get past 25,000 on the jungle cruise. What pointers do you have?
    mini-V What will you celebrate?

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    Aww thanks.

    I am still trying to beat DocHT who happens to be a good friend of mine. She actually taught me everything I know.

    I am a bit rusty with Jungle Cruise because the game doesn't always load as it use to, not sure why.

    Some tips for all:
    Go for the "ok" picture, not the "flawless". It will seem like it does not help but your overall score will be higher.

    Linger in the second and third rounds, some animals show up late and you could miss out on some big points.

    Do not hit anything in the first round, this will guarantee that you will have enough gas for rounds two and three.

    Try to never speed up, this will consume a great deal of gas and you will fall short.

    Try to center picture as best you can, the better you center, the better the score.

    Now, if I could only make top score in fireworks, that would be sweet.

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    Woot Woot You go girl!!

    All I ever hear from Ned is: "Now don't get carried away, you can hardly steer this thing!!!"

    Dizpinfriend on VMK

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    Lol well fireworks used to be a VERY tricky game.

    I've been on the high score board only once and I was beaten before the end of the day lol.
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